Industry Insights


Why We Need to Rip off the Cybersecurity Band-Aids

Anne Baker Feb 12 2019

5 New ConfigMgr Features Sysadmins Need to Know

Chaz Spahn Feb 5 2019

E3 Podcast: Breaking Down IT Silos for a Better Everything

Bill Bernat Jan 31 2019

E3 Podcast: ConfigMgr Community Tools with Jörgen Nilsson

Bill Bernat Jan 22 2019

MSIX and ConfigMgr: Freedom from Package Paralysis

Paul Winstanley Jan 14 2019

Product Insights


Adaptiva Customer Survey Report

Bill Bernat Jan 24 2019

Windows Updates: How Adaptiva Client Health Can Help Improve Total Coverage

Dan Richings Sep 20 2018

DXC Partner Testimonial Video

Adaptiva Jul 18 2018

NetCentrics Solves Stubborn ConfigMgr Challenge for Government Agency

Adaptiva Jul 3 2018

VMware's Brooks Peppin on Windows 10, ConfigMgr, and Adaptiva OneSite

Adaptiva Jun 5 2018

Security Snacks

BlogSecurity Snacks

UEFI Malware Traversing the Internet and Wireless Carriers Selling Your Location

Bill Bernat Jan 9 2019
BlogSecurity Snacks

Operation Sharpshooter Worries Financial IT Pros, Microsoft Privacy Settings Failing?, More…

Bill Bernat Dec 13 2018
Security Snacks

Microsoft Online Goes FIDO2, Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets, Malwarebytes Gets Eaten

Bill Bernat Nov 28 2018
Security Snacks

Security Snacks Week of Nov-20-2018

Bill Bernat Nov 20 2018
BlogSecurity Snacks

Microsoft Office Spying on Users

Bill Bernat Nov 14 2018

MVP Labs

BlogMVP Labs

ConfigMgr 1806 – Fun Features A-Plenty

Paul Winstanley Jul 31 2018
MVP Labs

New ConfigMgr Feature Deep Dive: Phased Deployments

Paul Winstanley Jun 27 2018
BlogMVP Labs

Top 10 Must-Have Tools for the ConfigMgr Admin

Ami Casto Jun 21 2018
BlogMVP Labs

Configuration Manager Technical Preview Mid-Year Review

Ami Casto Jun 12 2018
Ami's Lab
BlogMVP Labs

ConfigMgr 1710: Admin’s Ramp-up Guide

Ami Casto Dec 6 2017

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    RSA Conference 2019 takes place March 4 to 8 in San Francisco! This year’s theme is, to put it si...

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    March 19

    Due to the success of our National Transformational CISO Assembly, in 2019 The Millennium Alliance i...

  • Experts Live USA

    March 26

    The mission of Experts Live is to “enable sharing of knowledge and experience about Microsoft tech...

  • Experts Live Europe

    March 26

    WHAT IS EXPERTS LIVE EUROPE? Experts Live Europe is a Microsoft community conference with a focus ...

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    April 5 - April 9

    The Midwest Management Summit is a 4-day conference purposely capped to just 750 attendees so that ...

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    June 17 - June 20

    Transform your cyber-security, risk management, compliance, and data security strategies. Prepare to...

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    Black Hat is the most technical and relevant information security event series in the world. For mor...

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