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3 Reasons to use Adaptiva OneSite for Windows 10 Deployment

Adaptiva July 17, 2015

Adaptiva OneSite is a software solution that can improve SCCM delivery of software, updates, and Windows (OSD) between your SCCM site and other locations, even ones without distribution points.  Adaptiva OneSite doesn’t require a huge infrastructure. It can run…

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Find and Fix Problems with SCCM Clients before they Find You!

Greg Headley June 25, 2015

If you are an SCCM administrator, you probably know Adaptiva OneSite as the market-leading solution for running SCCM without infrastructure. But you may not have heard of Adaptiva’s equally ground-breaking product: Client Health. What is it? Client…

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How to Get Ability to Patch Systems Instantly using SCCM

Adaptiva June 19, 2015

Patch management through SCCM has sharpened very well during last few years. I started working on patching since ‘SMS 2003 + ITMU’ days. Previously, we need to perform loads of complex steps to deploy patches during that time period. With…

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