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Windows 10 1903: ConfigMgr Admin’s First Look

Paul Winstanley May 21, 2019

It’s here! The seventh major update of Windows 10, and the first of 2019, is out. It focuses on improvements and fixes, rather than leading with new features. That said, it has some rewarding changes which will leave you…

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ConfigMgr Driver Strategy from Deployment Bunny and MoDaly

Bill Bernat May 21, 2019

ConfigMgr pros, get advice from the MVPs Mikael Nystrom and Maurice Daly for creating a better driver strategy. Learn how Windows thinks about drivers and what you can do to manage them more effectively in your organization. Plus, a quick…

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What’s New in CM 1902

Paul Winstanley April 4, 2019

It’s time for another release in the Configuration Manager as a Service model— the first release of the year, ConfigMgr 1902. The annual 02 release has become the standard for use as a baseline, and 1902 is no exception…

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What is OVAL? A Community-Driven Vulnerability Management Brain!

Bill Bernat March 18, 2019

The Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL®) is a critical component of most enterprises’ endpoint cybersecurity operations. While OVAL doesn’t do anything itself, it enables a thriving ecosystem that IT professionals have come to depend on for endpoint vulnerability…

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ConfigMgr Boundary Groups Update Update

Paul Winstanley February 20, 2019

In ConfigMgr, boundaries define locations where our devices reside. We can define boundaries based on IP subnets, IP ranges, Active Directory sites, and IPv6 prefixes. We also have boundary groups, a set of logical locations that group together these boundaries…

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Why We Need to Rip off the Cybersecurity Band-Aids

Anne Baker February 12, 2019

Studies have shown that companies frequently utilize in excess of 70 different security vendors. Not only does this create massively complex IT environments, but it is expensive and very difficult to manage.  Last year at the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders…

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5 New ConfigMgr Features Sysadmins Need to Know

Chaz Spahn February 5, 2019

Common thinking among IT teams is that due to the rise of the cloud and trend toward modern management, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr/SCCM) days are numbered. But if 2018 is any indication, rumors of its demise have…

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E3 Podcast: Breaking Down IT Silos for a Better Everything

Bill Bernat January 31, 2019

MVPs Robert Hedblom and John Joyner talk about a world without IT silos and with proper management focus. They want you to understand the human tendencies that create silos. By breaking silos down you can help move the business forward…

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