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Why You Need to Care about UEFI

Ami Casto August 16, 2017

One recurring topic I am met with when I’m presenting at user groups or conferences is that of UEFI vs BIOS. Or “why should I update my BIOS?” and even “why should I convert from BIOS to UEFI, can…

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E³: Enterprise Endpoint Expert Adi Kunduri

Bill Bernat August 10, 2017

This podcast answers IT pros’ key questions about VMware® AirWatch®: what it does, how it works, who it’s for—and if it works with ConfigMgr! Adi Kunduri from VMware talks about devices, apps, security, and much more. Watch Listen…

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How to Use New Windows 10 App-V Features with ConfigMgr

Matt Tinney August 10, 2017

App-V helps organizations deliver applications on-demand. An application is sequenced and delivered as a virtual app to endpoints. The method for sequencing an application is different depending on the app. Some applications, like the Office 365 Suite, can…

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E³: SCOM Primer with Cole McDonald

Bill Bernat August 1, 2017

In this podcast, Cole McDonald talks about starting a web company in 1990!? Mainly though, you’ll learn System Center Operation Manager (SCOM): What is it? Who needs it? What does it do? How hard is it to set up…

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SCUP Preview: New Third-party Patching Solution for ConfigMgr

Harjit Dhaliwal July 25, 2017

System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) is a stand-alone tool used with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr / SCCM). It allows system administrators to author their own updates, or import software update catalogs from third-party software vendors or Line…

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BitLocker Basics: Don’t Miss Out on Security

Matt Tinney July 13, 2017

BitLocker disk encryption technology has been a part of the Windows operating system since Windows Vista. It didn’t really hit its stride until Windows 8.1, and now with Windows 10, it’s almost perfect (in terms of compatibility…

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