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I like to put ridiculous pictures in my blogs, but there’s nothing silly about a case study showing the amazing benefits TNT has realized by deploying Adaptiva OneSite. This leaves me without an excuse for posting an off-the-wall picture of me flying over the grand canyon in a jet pack, or fishing…(Read More)

Adaptiva OneSite and 1E Nomad™ are often mentioned in the same breath these days. Companies looking at one will evaluate the other, and quite frequently will choose Adaptiva. But it wasn’t always this way. Rewind to 2010: 1E Nomad™ had 100% market share in a burgeoning category of enterprise software as the only Microsoft…(Read More)

Nearly three years ago now, I was deciding whether to join Adaptiva or steer my career elsewhere. What really blew me away was when Founder and CTO Deepak Kumar showed me how many “first and only” innovations they had, and how many more they had planned. Adaptiva is the first-and-only leader. The proof…(Read More)

It’s easy to forget that fish can bite. On a recent fly fishing trip to the Seychelles Islands, I was quickly reminded… My friend Susan caught a 6’ sailfish and while we were landing it, the last thing on my mind was “better be careful, that fish might attack my shin.” Guess who is…(Read More)

So far I have never once seen enterprise IT professionals dance on a desk at work. However, I have seen Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, and it reminds me how systems management teams and network teams can end up fighting like Pee-wee and the Bikers. Bikers will react swiftly if somebody knocks over their…(Read More)