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ConfigMgr 1906 is now available for fast ring adoption. You can take advantage of this and download the opt-in adoption script from Microsoft here. This update is packed full of new features. In this ConfigMgr how-to, I’m showing you how you use one of these and unlock a stubbornly locked Task Sequence…(Read More)

Implementing third-party patching on a remote SUP involves a little bit more than just flipping the Enable Third-party Updates checkbox, like we can do when the SUP sits on the primary site server. As mentioned earlier in the report, there are some pre-requisites and considerations for a remote SUP. Let’s run…(Read More)

I’m a big fan of MBAM. For those of you who are unaware of what MBAM is, the official name is Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring.  It’s a solution that provides an admin interface for BitLocker drive encryption. It allows admins to: automate the encryption processcheck compliance of devices in the estatereport…(Read More)

It’s here! The seventh major update of Windows 10, and the first of 2019, is out. It focuses on improvements and fixes, rather than leading with new features. That said, it has some rewarding changes which will leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling. Windows Insiders and MSDN subscribers have already had access to…(Read More)

This week’s security snacks: Password Expiration Policies Required? Microsoft Says NOPEIoT – the Always-On Connected World Was Great.. until It Wasn’tNext Stop, Wherever the Person Controlling Your Vehicle Decides Happy munching! Password Expiration Policies Required? Microsoft Says NOPE Bite Microsoft agrees with security experts, forcing password changes just by itself can be a…(Read More)

It’s time for another release in the Configuration Manager as a Service model— the first release of the year, ConfigMgr 1902. The annual 02 release has become the standard for use as a baseline, and 1902 is no exception. This means you can download the media and use it for a fresh install of…(Read More)

In ConfigMgr, boundaries define locations where our devices reside. We can define boundaries based on IP subnets, IP ranges, Active Directory sites, and IPv6 prefixes. We also have boundary groups, a set of logical locations that group together these boundaries. The boundary groups can then be used to find site assignment for the clients or…(Read More)

MSIX is a new Microsoft packaging technology. It takes the best features from setup.exe, MSI, Windows ClickOne, App-V, and script.vbs and puts them to use. This is the first packaging product from Microsoft in ten years. MSIX is aimed at being a common packaging tool for both Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and…(Read More)

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