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Adaptiva has introduced the OneSite Intune Edition, this new addition to the OneSite suite assists with the delivery of Win32 apps in your environment and eliminates the reliance on Delivery Optimization and the potential of having to set up on-premise Connected Cache servers hosting the delivery optimized content. It takes advantage of the Adaptiva…(Read More)

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” ConfigMas is back, or as we’ll know it in future years, MEMCMas. Hmm maybe not. Adaptiva is here in this special holiday period to offer joy, peace, and goodwill to all—but especially to IT pros managing endpoints! This ConfigMas we’re providing you with…(Read More)

ConfigMgr 1906 introduces the ability to run a task sequence in debug mode. This cool feature allows you to skip through the task sequence as it runs and test steps and debug. You have to run the debug tool on a targeted device as it not a remote tool. Plus, you need to have some…(Read More)

Halloween is upon is, trick or treat? In today’s blog, I’m going spoil you rotten in a spooktacular way by giving you a trick and a treat. The trick? How to retain your System Language setting when running an in-place upgrade of Windows 10. The treat? The satisfaction of implementing it in…(Read More)

I aim to keep you ahead of the curve with this one. The ConfigMgr Technical Preview (TP) stream is the place to go for the new features that may hit the main release of ConfigMgr. (See our blog post about TP’s for more.) In this blog, we’re taking a quick look at the…(Read More)

ConfigMgr 1906 is now available for fast ring adoption. You can take advantage of this and download the opt-in adoption script from Microsoft here. This update is packed full of new features. In this ConfigMgr how-to, I’m showing you how you use one of these and unlock a stubbornly locked Task Sequence…(Read More)

Implementing third-party patching on a remote SUP involves a little bit more than just flipping the Enable Third-party Updates checkbox, like we can do when the SUP sits on the primary site server. As mentioned earlier in the report, there are some pre-requisites and considerations for a remote SUP. Let’s run…(Read More)

I’m a big fan of MBAM. For those of you who are unaware of what MBAM is, the official name is Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring.  It’s a solution that provides an admin interface for BitLocker drive encryption. It allows admins to: automate the encryption processcheck compliance of devices in the estatereport…(Read More)