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A Complex Challenge to Simplify My friends tell me when I meet a challenge to call it an opportunity. That’s how I look at deploying and updating Office 365 using SCCM—an opportunity to make something that looks complex and difficult into something simple and easy. Office 365 Click-to-Run is simple for…(Read More)

I have to be honest. Until I started with Adaptiva, I didn’t know my SCCM boundary management issues could become, well … a non-issue. Keeping track of which boundaries went into which boundary groups and which DPs went into each boundary group can be tedious! In a fluctuating network environment, it can be flat…(Read More)

Networking was never my primary role, but as an SCCM administrator the WAN stood between me everything I did. One thing I’ve learned working in various large and physically diverse environments is that controlling network traffic is key to a successful SCCM implementation. Deploying software can be complicated in itself, but when those deployments…(Read More)

In the first part of this blog, Careful What SCCM Infrastructure You Wish For (Part 1 of 2), I described my experience of migrating from a relatively simple SCCM 2007 infrastructure to a much larger SCCM 2012 infrastructure. It included a primary site, three secondary sites, and over 500 distribution points at retail locations across…(Read More)

As an SCCM admin for the last decade I have managed multiple versions of the product at various large companies. I was always thankful when budgets allowed for proper SCCM site infrastructure, which made my job a lot easier. The last company I worked for was a large retailer that had over 500 retail locations…(Read More)