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Stop the Bad Rabbit in your business

Here we are again. It seems like we can’t go two months without another cyber security incident or major malware/ransomware outbreak, whether it’s tech giants being hacked or corporations’ data being held hostage. This time however it comes in the form of yet another ransomware attack dubbed ‘Bad Rabbit.’ This particular piece…(Read More)

How to make Alexa talk to the Enterprise

Today we are seeing a rise in the IoT (Internet of Things) – internet-connected smart devices, appliances and automation products. Home automation is becoming hugely popular and I imagine it won’t be long before houses greet you when you come through the front door and preheat the kettle when you’re 2 minutes away…(Read More)

A Certificate Upgrade Dilemma Last year, a customer of ours faced an almost impossible security challenge regarding certificate management. They were using SCCM 2007 with a PKI infrastructure and all the certificates required for the various functions of SCCM: IIS, PXE, Client Authentication, Site Server Signing Certificates, etc. Every 12 months, the Site Server Signing…(Read More)

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth at least 1071 words—the word count of my blog about PowerShell Fusion. In this video, I show you a demonstration of how PowerShell Fusion works. You can see first hand how this technology will completely change the way SCCM administrators automate, integrate…(Read More)

More PowerShell Please These days, it’s almost impossible to read a technical blog or community forum without coming across some kind of PowerShell script or snippet to perform some arbitrary function that you absolutely have to have. PowerShell is becoming commonplace within the IT community, and has replaced the good old command shell and…(Read More)