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Some of the top enterprise systems management experts in the world recently joined forces in a lively roundtable discussion titled, “Accelerating Windows 10 OSD.” Luminaries included: Dan Richings, Director of Customer Experience, Adaptiva Jason Snook, Senior Product Manager, Flexera Software Michael Handley, IT Technical Consultant, Windows Management Experts Jay Parekh, Technology Executive, Netrix The event…(Read More)

Adaptiva has long been the leader in content download controls for SCCM content, innovating such technologies as granular delivery prioritization, WAN Pause/Resume capabilities, and advanced content push policies such as AutoStage and IntelliStage that no other provider can offer. Now with OneSite 5.5, I’m pleased to say our latest game-changing technology…(Read More)

Most SCCM admins know that the world’s largest companies use Adaptiva OneSite to eliminate SCCM infrastructure (DPs, PXE servers, SMPs). Few know about our peer-to-peer storage technology from the future that nobody else thought of but everybody needs. Here are my top four smart storage features of OneSite that are ahead of…(Read More)

If you use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), you have a lot of data to deliver. But are you moving as much data as possible as fast as possible without slowing your WAN or overburdening any of your computers? See if you can solve this 19th century problem: You have to move 1,000…(Read More)

According to this article by the Business Standard, 34,000 bank branches in India could be running Windows XP after April 8, 2014. That’s when Microsoft stops providing security updates and support for the aging OS. If you work in systems management, Windows XP migration affects you no matter what country or industry you…(Read More)