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MVPs Robert Hedblom and John Joyner talk about a world without IT silos and with proper management focus. They want you to understand the human tendencies that create silos. By breaking silos down you can help move the business forward (i.e., to cloud) faster, more efficiently, and much more enjoyably. Listen Watch…(Read More)

When I started working at Adaptiva, I was taken by surprise when I saw how fanatically our customers loved us. In the past five years, I’ve watched a lot of admins proactively evangelize our technology—just because they think it’s amazing. I’ve heard volumes of unsolicited praise from customers over the phone…(Read More)

This week in security snacks: New CyberSpying Campaign Infiltrating Defense, Energy, and Financial Organizations Maximum Windows 10 Privacy Requires “Basic” Diagnostics Setting Chrome Private Browsing Results May Be Filtered but Do You Even Care? Note that due to people like me going on vacation, Security Snacks will be on hiatus until January. Happy holidays and…(Read More)

The security snacks for the week of November 20, 2018 include: PowerShell Scan for Windows 10 Updates MS Says Latest Office Patches Cause Crashes File Transfer Security Best Practices Enjoy! File Transfer Security Best Practices Bite Because enterprises have to assume every file transfer could be deadly, IT pros need to be sure they are…(Read More)

Here’s what’s up this week: Microsoft Secretly Collects Data from Enterprise Office ProPlus Users Microsoft Guidance on Flawed SSD Encryption How to Get Your Users To Stop Opening Phishing Emails Enjoy. Microsoft Secretly Collects Data from Enterprise Office ProPlus Users Bite Microsoft collects data on a large scale about the individual use of…(Read More)

In this week’s security snacks, we have: Encrypted SSDs Are Readable Without a Password Now You have to Protect USB Cables Too Enterprise Security Software from … Netflix!? Enjoy. Encrypted SSDs Are Readable Without a Password Bite Data on several types of solid state drives that offer hardware-based disk encryption can be accessed without…(Read More)

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