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In this week’s Security Snacks, we have: ATP FTW! Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection Exposes Privilege Escalation FlawA Million or so Asus Computers Get ‘Poisoned’ Software Update Installed and ShippedDon’t Tell Me You Forgot about World Backup Day Again!? Happy munching! Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection Exposes Privilege Escalation Flaw Bite Microsoft Defender…(Read More)

In the past, one of the most expensive aspects of ConfigMgr software delivery has been server infrastructure. The costs go far beyond server hardware and maintenance costs. Each server must be configured, administered, patched, tuned, etc. When delivery to an endpoint fails, troubleshooting becomes considerably more complicated and time-consuming because an admin must look…(Read More)

The Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL®) is a critical component of most enterprises’ endpoint cybersecurity operations. While OVAL doesn’t do anything itself, it enables a thriving ecosystem that IT professionals have come to depend on for endpoint vulnerability management. The ecosystem consists of: The OVAL XML language standard A community of repositories holding…(Read More)

The Adaptiva OneSite Cumulative Update March 2019 is now available for download. The release offers updates and new functionality in a variety of areas, including: Security: numerous new and enhanced security capabilities. Auto-Updating Adaptiva Client: easily upgrade at scale from any version to the newest version. New Dashboards: effortless access to deeper insights. Performance…(Read More)

MVPs Robert Hedblom and John Joyner talk about a world without IT silos and with proper management focus. They want you to understand the human tendencies that create silos. By breaking silos down you can help move the business forward (i.e., to cloud) faster, more efficiently, and much more enjoyably. Listen Watch…(Read More)

When I started working at Adaptiva, I was taken by surprise when I saw how fanatically our customers loved us. In the past five years, I’ve watched a lot of admins proactively evangelize our technology—just because they think it’s amazing. I’ve heard volumes of unsolicited praise from customers over the phone…(Read More)

This week in security snacks: New CyberSpying Campaign Infiltrating Defense, Energy, and Financial Organizations Maximum Windows 10 Privacy Requires “Basic” Diagnostics Setting Chrome Private Browsing Results May Be Filtered but Do You Even Care? Note that due to people like me going on vacation, Security Snacks will be on hiatus until January. Happy holidays and…(Read More)

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