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About the Windows 10 Application Security Webinar Adaptiva recently hosted a great webinar on Windows 10 Application Security with Sami Laiho, global security expert. Microsoft MVP Ami Casto joined as well. Windows 10 Applicaton Security Sami Laiho Leading Global Security Expert Microsoft MVP & MCT Pluralsight Author Elite Security Keynote Speaker @samilaiho Third Party App…(Read More)

You know how fast your Windows 10 migration going, but what about everyone else’s? Adaptiva recently published the findings from our 2018 Windows 10 Enterprise Impact Survey. We asked more than 400 IT professionals how far along they were in their Windows 10 migration and when they expect to be done. From system admins…(Read More)

Microsoft MVP Mick Pletcher joins Bill and Ami for a truly fascinating discussion about free community ConfigMgr tools in PowerShell, outsourcing app development, traveling the world, getting deals on airline tickets, building a self-sustaining container home, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and more! Resources Mick’s Container Lake Home Project Blog Mick…(Read More)

Two words: Windows 10 and Security. (Okay, that was three words, four if you count the and.) If you work in enterprise IT today, your problem isn’t counting words. It’s protecting your company from a gazillion cyberattacks made every day on your Windows endpoints. (Okay, gazillion isn’t a number, but if it…(Read More)

IT pros worldwide agree that Microsoft Windows 10 is a security must-have for enterprises. In an Enterprise Endpoint Security Survey, respondents ranked security capabilities highest amongst features compelling them to move to Windows 10. Many people, however, are unsure exactly what features and capabilities Windows 10 offers. To that end, with help from my…(Read More)

Cybersecurity trainer, author, speaker, and Microsoft MVP Sami Laiho joins Ami and Bill for a deep dive into the hottest endpoint security topics! Get into the guts of Meltdown/Spectre, the new BitTorrent vulnerability, the underrated value of whitelisting via AppLocker, what companies are doing wrong, enterprise IT best practices, reasons why Edge is so…(Read More)

The newly discovered processor bugs dubbed Meltdown and Spectre are dominating the tech headlines—and many IT administrators’ daily task lists. Wondering what exactly is going on? Here’s the short story in infographic format first, and then text format below that. To read this infographic as a PDF, click here. If you prefer to…(Read More)

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