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Studies have shown that companies frequently utilize in excess of 70 different security vendors. Not only does this create massively complex IT environments, but it is expensive and very difficult to manage.  Last year at the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting, the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet, proclaimed, “I don’t know that much about…(Read More)

Today, Adaptiva is presenting at William Blair’s 3rd annual Technology Company Growth Conference. This invite-only conference is an exclusive event for the late-stage tech community. It brings together nearly 70 of today’s most promising companies with more than 250 leading corporate development executives and investors. Adaptiva is a 100% self-funded…(Read More)

Ami Casto joins Adaptiva

For those of you that follow Adaptiva, you know that we pride ourselves on developing a team of people who are hard-working and committed to the success of our customers. We also like them to be good people who have a sharp mind and a bit of sharp wit to go along with it…(Read More)

As 2017 dawns, IT departments are increasingly challenged to distribute more software and updates, faster, to more endpoints and more types of devices than ever before. These IT professionals often turn to leading technology providers to discover new ways to speed and simplify their enterprise-wide software deployments. Today, Adaptiva is pleased to announce that…(Read More)

When I first walked into the Adaptiva offices back in December I was struck by the number of awards for technical excellence that greeted me at the door. Today, I am pleased to announce that our company was recognized as a finalist for another award: the 2016 BIG Innovation Awards presented by the Business Intelligence…(Read More)