Enterprises are increasingly moving to the cloud and embracing modern device management, and with so many employees suddenly working from home, many enterprises have accelerated their digital transformation efforts. One of the barriers to that transformation is content delivery – getting patches, updates, and operating systems to endpoints quickly and without creating issues with production traffic, bandwidth degradation, and software delivery success rates. Already a challenge on large, distributed corporate networks, remote workers and increased use of VPN infrastructure complicates things further.

Adaptiva OneSite is a peer-to-peer (P2P) content distribution engine that provides the fastest way to securely and reliably distribute software across an enterprise. OneSite Cloud is the next evolution, integrating with Azure and adding internet P2P to enable endpoints to get content no matter where they are, and at the same time reducing WAN and VPN traffic by leveraging consumer Internet links. OneSite Cloud brings all the versions of OneSite together, so OneSite Cloud customers also gain access to OneSite for ConfigMgr, OneSite Intune Edition, and OneSite VMware Edition at no extra cost.

We announced the OneSite Cloud in this morning’s press release, and I’ll give you quick overview in this blog.

The Challenge

Delivering and updating win32 applications to enterprise endpoints is crucial for productivity and security. However, it’s also critical to not saturate the network or VPN infrastructure, and that endpoints can get updates no matter where they’re located – on the corporate network, working from home, or at a coffee shop.

The Solution

Introducing Adaptiva OneSite Cloud, which integrates with Microsoft Azure and adds internet P2P capabilities to enable content delivery anywhere. It is powered by the market-leading Adaptiva platform used by some of the largest enterprises to deliver software across the globe with unparalleled speed, automation, and network efficiency.

Key Customer Benefits of OneSite Cloud

  • Content Delivery Anywhere: OneSite Cloud integrates with Microsoft Azure to make content available to endpoints no matter where they are, and intelligently adapts to changing locations
  • VPN Offload: OneSite Cloud alleviates the strain on VPNs by offloading endpoint content updates such as software and patching, enabling endpoints to get content directly from Azure CDN or from other endpoints
  • WAN Offload: OneSite Cloud adds Internet P2P capabilities to extend endpoint management and software delivery to endpoints no matter where they are. No longer do endpoints need to be on the corporate network; remote workforces will be managed just like onsite staff
  • Single Agent for Migration to Modern Device Management: If you’re using ConfigMgr and considering moving to Microsoft Intune or VMware Workspace ONE, OneSite Cloud has you covered. The same OneSite server and client is used, so you can migrate at your own speed.

All the standard unique capabilities of OneSite are also in OneSite Cloud, including:

  • Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting – Distribute content at maximum speed without affecting business traffic or bandwidth throttling
  • Virtual SAN – Intelligently store content at scale without affecting endpoints or requiring storage servers
  • Memory Pipeline Architecture – Once content is on the LAN, distribute it quickly without affecting endpoint performance
  • Workflow Designer & Engine – Automate IT tasks without coding through a drag-and-drop interface

Learn More

To learn more about Adaptiva OneSite Cloud, join us on our upcoming webinar on June 18.

Adaptiva OneSite Cloud: Scalable Software Delivery Everywhere

Thursday, June 18, 2020 8AM PST, 11AM ET, 4PM GMT