New Health Checks Reduce Help Desk Troubleshooting Time While Automating Security Hygiene

SEATTLE, WA—Sept. 13, 2018 — Adaptiva, a leading, global provider of modern endpoint management and security solutions, today announced a number of powerful new health checks and remediations for its fully automated endpoint health and security engine, Client Health. The latest health checks are designed specifically to help enterprises improve Windows and application security compliance. This brings the total number of health checks included in the Adaptiva Client Health to well over 100, with new checks solving problems in Windows security, updates, and applications. The new health checks will be demonstrated in Adaptiva’s Super Tech-themed booth, #1925, at Microsoft Ignite, Sept. 24-28, 2018.

Adaptiva’s latest Client Health checks and remediations come as Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that a ransomware attack occurred every 40 seconds in 2017. Even more troubling is the firm’s prediction that by the end of next year, an attack is projected to occur every 14 seconds. With networks constantly under assault, costing companies potentially billions of dollars, organizations no longer have the luxury of a 90-95% success rate on Windows updates. They must improve their total endpoint coverage.

“Security hygiene has become a serious concern in the enterprise as cyber-attacks near the epidemic stage. With our latest health checks and remediations, Adaptiva makes automating endpoint health and hygiene easier than ever,” said Jim Souders, CEO of Adaptiva. “Security issues are flooding already-overworked enterprise help desks. Client Health will proactively alleviate any unwarranted vulnerabilities and when problems do arise, an automated solution like Client Health can radically speed troubleshooting time.”

Automation Is the Answer

Adaptiva’s Client Health product automatically checks the security configuration management settings of endpoints, diagnoses any problems, and fixes issues in seconds. It delivers IT professionals the automation necessary to keep up with the pace of troubleshooting and resolving endpoint security issues on a massive scale. Client Health’s new checks determine and address additional vulnerabilities, making it easier than ever to put an end to poor digital hygiene. Additionally, enterprises can create their own custom health checks and remediations without writing a single line of code using the Client Health’s WorkFlow Designer and Engine.

The new health checks bundle includes 15 new checks and remediations, including:

Health Check Check Description Remediation Reason for Usage
Network – DNS Name Resolution Checks whether the local hostname resolves to the correct IP address in DNS. Yes – If the hostname resolves to an incorrect IP address, then a registration request is sent to update DNS. Outdated or incorrect name resolution can cause numerous application issues that rely on accurate name resolution.
System – Disk Cleanup Checks whether systems have under a certain percentage of free disk space. Yes – Runs the disk cleanup utility to remove the selected items in an attempt to free disk space cleanly without disruption to the user or risk of data loss. Machines running out of space are a concern to lots of IT administrators, and they need a way to reclaim space without compromising any data that the user may be storing in unknown locations.
Windows Update – Last Scan Cycle Checks when the machine last ran the software update scan cycle. Yes – If a scan has not been run, then a new scan can be initiated as a remediation. The scan cycle pulls down and compares the latest WSUS catalog with the installed updates on the system. If the scan hasn’t run recently, the clients would not be aware of any new applicable updates.

For a complete list of all the health checks included in Client Health, please see the corresponding datasheet.

Learn How to Secure Your Endpoints at Microsoft Ignite

Client Health, and how it can help organizations shore up their endpoints, will be showcased as part of Adaptiva’s Ignite Super Tech experience in booth #1925. Adaptiva will also host a related theater session titled SecOps Quiz Show: Test Your Endpoint Health and Security Knowledge.

For organizations struggling with the migration to Windows 10, Dan Richings, Adaptiva vice president of solutions and support, will hold a breakout session, Beat the Windows 10 Deployment Clock. The session will provide expert guidance on easing deployment pain and complexity.

To learn more about how Adaptiva can save the day, please visit booth #1925 at Ignite or go to

About Adaptiva

Adaptiva is a leading, global provider of modern endpoint management and security solutions. The company’s peer-to-peer technology products, including OneSite™ and Client Health™, empower enterprise IT teams to manage and secure endpoints with unparalleled speed and at massive scale. Adaptiva is self-funded, highly profitable, and growing at a rapid rate. Leading global Fortune 1000 organizations, including T-Mobile, Nokia, HSBC, Adidas, Walgreens, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, use Adaptiva products to eliminate the need for a vast IT infrastructure and automate countless endpoint management tasks. Learn more at, and follow the company at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


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