If you work in IT today, you are walking on a razor’s edge trying to get security right. The Adaptiva 2018 Endpoint Security Survey can help you avoid missteps.

We polled over 300 IT professionals about Windows security in a business environment. Findings include:

  • Windows 10 deployments measured (past the half way point!)
  • Security hygiene tasks prioritized
  • Staffing shortages
  • The biggest help desk time sinks
  • So much more….

Windows 10 Deployments Pass the “50/50” Milestone

Adaptiva has been polling IT pros about their Windows 10 deployment plans and progress since the OS was released in 2015. Windows 10 is crucial for IT security. In fact, security is the top reason enterprises are moving to Windows 10—if you don’t count “we have to in order to keep getting support.”

For the first time, the majority (57%) of respondents reported that their organizations are running most of their computers on Windows 10. Note though that 14% are on the other end of the spectrum, running Windows 10 on a tenth or fewer of their systems.

Security Hygiene Is a Massive Job and Bigger Priority

Everyone in IT agrees it is important to regularly check systems’ health, performance, and patching levels. Our new security survey asks just how important it is to run these checks, and how often they should be run.

  • A whopping 90% of respondents reported that maintaining current, compliant security configuration was very or extremely important.
  • The majority (53%) of IT pros surveyed said that every endpoint should be inspected daily or even hourly to determine if all software is up to date and the configuration complies with company security policy.
  • Plain old Windows OS health was the second-highest security hygiene priority at 44%. The only higher priority was—you guessed it—OS and application patching at 66%.

Staffing Struggles, Help Desk Pains, and Automation

Other highlights include:

  • Over half of respondents are stretched too thin to ensure proper security hygiene on all systems all the time.
  • Software break/fix is the biggest help desk time-eater.
  • A quarter of help desk tickets could be automated.

The Big Picture

Security will continue to be a vexing challenge for IT because it will never be “done.” The threat-scape is always changing and growing. Keeping a company secure is an almost-impossible effort that touches every corner IT, from infrastructure to endpoints to help desks and beyond.

If you’d like to dig into the details, you can download full 2018 Enterprise Endpoint Security.

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