I was thrilled to attend Experts Live US in Houston last week to meet experts and professionals sharing knowledge and experience about Microsoft technologies. I realize that it was a technology event, but I have to tell you that one of the most delicious things I saw was the amazing local flavors of the food—best conference food I’ve eaten!

In addition to fabulous eats, there was actually a lot of technology at this technology conference. Much too much awesomeness to include in a single blog, but here’s a short list of five cool things I saw.

1. Use of Natural Language Automation to Automate Operations

Lumagate showed Simon which leverages Microsoft Bot technology to let admins interact with their operations by just talking. I watched a demo and was amazed at how functional the technology was. I was also struck by how much time this new way of interacting with tools can save.

Learn more about Simon.

2. Modern Deployment Is Eclipsing Traditional with the Rise of Mobile

Using Windows AutoPilot and other tools, admins can setup Windows devices with simple cloud-delivered system configurations tuned to the new mobile workforce. I watched Johan Arwidmark and Ami Casto doing a full deployment of Windows 10 from the cloud with Azure Active Directory domain join.

Learn more about AutoPilot.

3. PowerShell Direct as a Bus-Like Interface into Hyper-V

You can control Hyper-V at the bus level with PowerShell Direct. I saw CT Global show this as one of their top ten tricks for Hyper-V. PowerShell Direct lets you dynamically adjust virtual resources for running virtual machines using scripts you can inject into Task Sequences.

4. A Growing BIOS->UEFI Task Sequence Momentum and Community

Ami Casto showed the power and flexibility of her BIOS-to-UEFI Task Sequence tuned towards the target manufacturer and model. The audience responded strongly to her mastery of automating this important step in OSD.

The topic inspired some spontaneous co-creation as well. The attendees had suggestions on tuning the Task Sequence for additional models and came up to her afterwards to join the discussion.

Learn more about the Secure 10 BIOS-to-UEFI solution.

5. Strong Interest in LiveFlow for Real-Time Visibility into Content Distribution

Adaptiva OneSite offers LiveFlow for real-time visibility into content distribution and there were good conversations at Meet the Experts about seeing how content travels around geographically-distributed networks. People even talked about pausing and canceling content with the capabilities of OneSite.

Learn more about LiveFlow.

I had a great time at Experts Live US, the first Experts Live in North America. It was a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge about optimizing endpoint management operations. Thank you to all the companies and technologies that participated!