As 2017 dawns, IT departments are increasingly challenged to distribute more software and updates, faster, to more endpoints and more types of devices than ever before. These IT professionals often turn to leading technology providers to discover new ways to speed and simplify their enterprise-wide software deployments. Today, Adaptiva is pleased to announce that VMware selected the Adaptiva OneSite peer-to-peer content distribution engine to extend their product offering for optimizing enterprise-wide software deployments for managed PCs.

It is widely recognized that VMware is an established leader in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). VMware AirWatch also unifies their market-leading mobile management capability with desktop management, also known as PC lifecycle management (PCLM). The combined functionality of EMM and PCLM is known as Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), and enables IT professionals to manage all their endpoints through a single solution. The integration of VMware AirWatch UEM and Adaptiva OneSite will enable organizations to deploy large applications and software files with speed and efficiency that will drive down costs and optimize bandwidth usage.

Adaptiva is an established PCLM leader, running on millions of endpoints in Fortune 500 companies. Adaptiva OneSite™ delivers breakthrough peer-to-peer technology that eliminates the need for a traditional server infrastructure for global software distribution. With OneSite enterprises that want to deploy software, like Windows 10 or Adobe Photoshop, can use the PCs they already own to store and share content locally, removing the need for 1000s of servers and reducing network impacts.

Traditionally, Adaptiva has reduced the costs and timelines for software deployment for hundreds of companies using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. Today’s announcement with VMware enables us to continue to support Microsoft and its customers while extending the power of our peer-to-peer technology to VMware AirWatch customers as well.

By combining the benefits of OneSite’s breakthrough peer-to-peer content distribution technology with the VMware AirWatch UEM solution, IT organizations can now leverage best-of-breed technology across the board for cloud-based delivery, mobile management, and on-premises PC lifecycle management. AirWatch with OneSite will bring quickness to Internet-based software distribution by predicting how much bandwidth will be available and intelligently using it to maximize the speed of software deployments. The combined solution will deliver better manageability, greater security and lower costs, answering some of enterprise IT’s top questions:

  • How do I eliminate the hundreds of servers I need to deploy software and applications to every endpoint?
  • How do I securely distribute multiple pieces of large content, like Windows OS files, without negatively impacting my network?
  • How do I automate software delivery to boost end user productivity and create workflows to execute manual, repetitive tasks?

We look forward to working with VMware to solve many of enterprise IT’s software distribution challenges and relieve the pressures IT organizations face when deploying critical content, like Windows 10. We are pleased to see this further validation for the need for peer-to-peer technology in the IT industry and to bring our innovative technology to new customers through this collaboration with VMware.

To learn more about the Adaptiva OneSite content distribution engine please join our upcoming product overview webinar on January 26th or request a one-on-one demo today.