Two of my colleagues presented a wildly popular webinar last week on the Adaptiva Windows 10 Accelerator Program. Maybe you didn’t have the time to get all the large-scale deployment success strategies, but want to know what you missed. For you, I have highlighted some key takeaways in a scannable speed read!

Anne Baker
Anne Baker
VP of Marketing, Adaptiva
Ami Casto
Ami Casto
Technical Evangelist, Adaptiva

Your Windows 10 Challenge

Anne began by citing a recent Adaptiva Enterprise Survey, in which 65% of enterprises described the Windows 10 migration experience as challenging. Here are some of the reasons.

Your Windows 10 Challenge

Many companies buy a lot of software in order to cover all aspects from initial planning through deployment and beyond (ongoing maintenance).

Are you purchasing products you might not need?

A snap poll confirmed that 93% of attendees’ companies either have begun their Windows 10 deployments, or expect to begin them this year.

93% of attendees’ companies either have begun their Windows 10 deployments, or expect to begin them this year

The Windows 10 Accelerator Program

To help you succeed, Adaptiva created a single solution, a combined end-to-end ecosystem of all the products, tools, and training you need to speed zero-touch Windows 10 deployments at scale. There is no need to buy multiple products or shop multiple vendors.

The program includes four components: OneSite, Client Health for Windows 10, Microsoft MVP Training and Guides, and Windows 10 Community Tools.

Windows 10 Accelerator Program Key Components

Adaptiva OneSite™, the world’s leading content distribution engine, is the first component of the program. Here are some key OneSite features relevant to Windows 10 deployment and servicing.

OneSite key features

Client Health for Windows 10 composes the second piece of the program, which includes a one year license. The solution includes 38 Windows 10 health checks and dozens of reports.

Client Health

The third element is a special collection of training and guides from the world’s foremost authorities built just for Adaptiva. The program includes guides on ConfigMgr OSD, Windows 10 Security, and much more. Plus, hours of custom training modules from Johan Arwidmark and Mikael Nystrom.

Training with Ami Casto, Johan Arwidmark, and Mikael Nystrom

The fourth and final portion of the program is readily available Microsoft technologies and community tools. By curating technology that’s proven in the field, we empower you with best-in-class solutions for: compatibility testing, license auditing and planning, automated BIOS to UEFI conversion, application rationalization, user self-scheduling, and much more.

Windows 10 Community Tools

Adaptiva has a assembled a single solution that takes you every step of the way. From your initial planning and architecture design, to deployment, and all the way through ongoing maintenance and servicing in a 100% Windows 10 enterprise.

Windows 10 Accelerator Program single solution


In the screenshot below, Ami is showing how Adaptiva’s peer-to-peer technology creates a practically unlimited Virtual SAN at every operating location. This allows serverless caching of Windows images, applications, updates, and other content—all without taking space away from end users. And the kittens? Well, some things you just have to see the webinar to get….

Adaptiva peer-to-peer virtual SAN and kittens

Here she shows the power of Adaptiva’s Peer-to-peer PXE, imaging five machines at once. Performance-boosting technology load balances the process so it scales easily. This lets companies image many machines at once quickly because each machine is getting its image from a different source.

Adaptiva P2P PXE imaging five machines at once

Ami demonstrated several other Adaptiva innovations that allow you to move your entire enterprise to Windows 10 with ease. This included the new Client Health for Windows 10 software distributed as part of the program.

Client Health for Windows 10

She also demonstrated Microsoft technologies that can help tremendously in guiding you to success. These include Software Center for user scheduling,  and Upgrade Readiness for compatibility validation and migration planning.

Upgrade Readiness for compatibility validation and planning your migration


Finally, the business model for the Windows 10 Accelerator Program is as simple as the solution itself.

Simple business model: don't buy stuff you don't need

If you are feeling challenged by the monumental task of:

  • Moving your entire company to Windows 10 quickly
  • Keeping users happy and productive
  • Securing Windows 10 and keeping it up-to-date in perpetuity

Then I invite you to watch the webinar recording and view the slides to learn more.

Download Recording and Slides