If you work in IT, you know that distributing software to Windows endpoints spread across the planet is tough. It typically requires a server-heavy infrastructure, which costs a lot to deploy and manage. Even then, software delivery over a corporate WAN can be incredibly slow due to bandwidth throttling and failed transfers over poor links.

What if there was a faster, easier, cheaper, all-around better way?

VMware and Adaptiva have joined together to empower AirWatch customers to perform a single-content download of software from the cloud for the entire enterprise. The solution pulls a package down one time, and shares the content among peers at massive scale, unparalleled speed, and significant cost savings. This will fundamentally change the way companies deploy software.

For the first time, the world’s best mobile device management product, AirWatch, has been seamlessly integrated with the world’s best peer-to-peer system, Adaptiva, to accelerate software distribution and reduce costs for enterprises everywhere.

Single CDN Download

Traditionally, cloud-based content distribution technologies have required multiple downloads of the same content to different computers and operating locations. For example, computer A, computer B, and computer C all have to go to the cloud and download the exact same content. This can be extremely slow and inefficient, especially with the size of modern Windows OS updates, applications, and application updates. It can also have quite a negative impact on the network.

The new peer distribution solution for AirWatch from Adaptiva, however, allows companies to download software only once from the content delivery network (CDN) and deliver it to thousands of Windows 10 systems in an instant.

Adaptiva VMware AirWatch peer-to-peer distribution within a single location

As the diagram shows, one computer downloads the software and then shares it with peers. This frees companies from the past, when they had to place servers everywhere just to deliver software to endpoints. In addition to hardware and annual maintenance costs, organizations allocated extensive manpower to deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot a global server fleet. With peer-to-peer technology like Adaptiva’s, all of these costs can be eliminated.

The reason this solution works with such amazing ease and efficiency is because it combines the computing power of endpoint devices with intelligent software. This enables companies to replace client-server architectures with peer-to-peer architectures to create an extremely robust, reliable, and cost-effective endpoint management and software distribution system. It scales much faster—and without the need for those thousands of servers that require management.

Adaptiva’s peer-to-peer technology is already used by many of the world’s largest and most demanding banks, retailers, health care companies, and government agencies with environments of more than 400,000 systems. This success serves as a testament to its remarkable value proposition—one that will reward AirWatch users as well.

Around the World at Record Speeds

AirWatch customers will love that Adaptiva can distribute a piece of software, like Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop, or even complex deployments like Windows 10, across thousands of endpoints in hours vs. days or weeks. Incredibly, the solution is completely self-managing.


Adaptiva VMware AirWatch peer-to-peer distribution between locations

To facilitate global delivery, the solution organizes a company’s operating locations into a parent/child hierarchy. If a computer requests content and it doesn’t find that content locally, it will then look for the content on a peer at its parent location. If it finds it there, it will transfer via the WAN.

Adaptiva VMware AirWatch peer-to-peer distribution within a single location

Network delivery is another major area where Adaptiva’s solution stands out. It requires no throttling of bandwidth. It intelligently predicts how much traffic will be on the network in real time and sends each packet if the network has free bandwidth available for it. When the network is busy, even for a fraction of a second, Adaptiva never competes with other traffic. When the network is free, Adaptiva leverages that free bandwidth—all of it. The technology requires no new network configurations, permissions, or settings. The result is the fastest possible software delivery while never interfering with other traffic.

VMware and Adaptiva: The Strength of Partner Innovation

The new solution is integrated directly into the AirWatch console. AirWatch administrators deliver software as they normally would, and Adaptiva handles the rest. Self-managing peer-to-peer technology makes it simple because there’s no administration of peer transfers, caches, and storage.

Together, VMware and Adaptiva are making life a lot easier for enterprise IT professionals. The solution improves service levels by giving end users their updates and applications faster. Adaptiva is thrilled to help bring an efficient and scalable peer-to-peer software distribution capability to AirWatch customers.

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