Configuration Manager pros, find out what went down at Microsoft Ignite: co-management, AutoPilot, 25 years of ConfigMgr, and more! Ami Casto is both co-host and guest, as an Ignite speaker. Johan Arwidmark joins us as well. Yes, they did just get married (gratz!!), listen to find out where they went on their honeymoon!

Ignite Sessions for ConfigMgr Pros

We’ve compiled a few key sessions from Ignite that might be useful for ConfigMgr pros. No doubt we’ve missed some, please hit me up on twitter at @itsystemsman or @adaptiva and we’ll add your favorite session!

All Online Sessions: The Microsoft Ignite YouTube Channel

Sessions Mentioned in Podcast

How to achieve “stress-free OSD” with Windows 10 and Microsoft System Center – BRK2394

Ami Casto

Servicing Windows 10 in the real world | BRK2436

Mike Nystrom, Johan Arwidmark

Ask the experts – Windows10 deployment, servicing, and provisioning

Michael Niehaus, Mike Nystrom, Johan Arwidmark, Steve Campbell, Andreas Hammarskjold, Rob York, Ami Casto

Expert-level Windows 10 deployment | BRK3044

Mike Nystrom, Johan Arwidmark

Other Sessions of Interest

We have just listed a few of interest to ConfigMgr pros. Obviously, there are many other sessions that may interest you. Go check out the channel and you’ll find a lot more!

ConfigMgr @ 25

Servicing Windows 10: Understanding the Windows as a service process and improvements

Michael Niehaus

Ask Me Anything: Michael Niehaus on Windows 10 management, deployment and more

Michael Niehaus

Deploying Windows 10: An overview of what’s new and future direction – BRK3030

What’s new in Windows 10 security? Raising your security bar with the Fall Creators Update | BRK2082

Chris Hallum

Windows Hello for Business: What’s New in 2017 – BRK2076

Yogesh Mehta