New Client Health Visual Reporting Engine provides instant insights into the health and security of enterprise devices while protecting the network

SEATTLE—March 7, 2017Adaptiva, the market leader in smart scaling systems management, today announced the launch of Client Health™ 6.0 , a major new release of the company’s endpoint health and security engine. The new version of Client Health includes an advanced Visual Reporting Engine which enables IT professionals to gain instant insights into the health and security of the endpoints across their entire enterprise. Client Health 6.0 comes pre-packaged with over a dozen new dashboards and reports that provide at-a-glance status on the current health of the entire enterprise while enabling detailed analysis on individual devices.

The Adaptiva Client Health product is trusted by leading organizations throughout the world to improve IT efficiency by automatically checking a device’s health, diagnosing any problems, and fixing issues in seconds. It delivers IT professionals the automation necessary to keep up with the pace of troubleshooting and resolving issues on 1000s of devices in hundreds of locations. One of Adaptiva’s largest international banking customers currently uses Client Health to run over eight million health checks each day to maintain the health and security of more than 250,000 endpoints worldwide.

“There are a lot of endpoint management products coming to market which claim to provide instant visibility and control over thousands of endpoints in seconds,” said Deepak Kumar, chief technology officer, Adaptiva. “In reality, many of these product architectures cannot intelligently scale to handle multiple simultaneous endpoint queries which results in CPU processing and network bandwidth nightmares for large organizations. With Client Health 6.0, we have meticulously integrated the load balancing technology and elegant peer-to-peer architecture necessary to provide enterprise-grade health and security across hundreds of thousands of endpoints. It delivers the endpoint visibility and control enterprises need while protecting the network and ensuring zero impact on the managed devices.”

Client Health 6.0 integrates with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to allow IT professionals to rapidly respond to security incidents on a massive scale. Custom health checks and fixes can be built in seconds using the Client Health Visual Workflow Designer. This feature lets users model any endpoint security question and remediation in seconds by selecting actions from a list of over 160 options and dragging and dropping them into a logical workflow. The status and progress of these health checks can be monitored and analyzed using some of the new dashboards and reports found in Client Health 6.0 which include:

  • Client Health Overview Dashboard – provides an overall picture of the current health of the enterprise including how many endpoints have failed or successfully passed health checks. It gives a quick view into the top 10 failing health checks and the top 10 most remediated health checks as well as charts to easily assess the overall health and compliance of the organization at a glance.
  • All Machines Summary Dashboard – provides the number of health checks run, success and failure rates, number of remediations run, health state of each machine and more. This report also provides instant insights into the health of all endpoints at once and can be filtered to display endpoint health against all health checks or individual health checks.
  • Individual Health Check Summary Report – provides detailed information on each health check run, including the number of times that health check was executed, unique machines that it was run on, success and failure rates, and more. This report also shows a chart on endpoint health check status over a one year period. This enables enterprises to easily investigate when and why failures are occurring.
  • Last Health Check Execution Status Reports – provides the overall health and security compliance level for each specific health check the organization runs, or each specific machine on the network. This delivers deeper analysis capabilities of where endpoint problems are most recently occurring across the enterprise.
  • Historic Health Check Execution Status Reports – provides the overall health and security compliance level for each specific endpoint on the network historically, over time. This enables IT admins to pinpoint when the most health and security failures occurred and analyze what may have happened during that time period to cause the problems.
  • Specific Health Check Execution Status Reports – provides a view into all health checks based on their success, failure, and resolution rates and status level. This report provides instant insight into how endpoints are performing against specific health checks and fixes.
  • Active Directory (AD) Site or Subnet Status Reports – provides health check status for all AD sites, individual AD sites, all subnets, and individual subnets. Reports can be filtered to show status across all health checks or individual health checks, for the most recent time period or historically to enable analysis of endpoint health in particular sites and subnets.

Client Health 6.0 is available for purchase now. Current Client Health customers will receive the upgrade automatically this month as part their current maintenance and support package. To request a demo of the new Client Health 6.0 product visit:

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