Accelerating Windows 10 OSD

Some of the top enterprise systems management experts in the world recently joined forces in a lively roundtable discussion titled, “Accelerating Windows 10 OSD.” Luminaries included:

The event, hosted by Adaptiva, is now available for viewing, and you can access the presentation as well.

In this session, you’ll learn about best practices for application readiness:

  • Understand the application landscape to decide which business units can go to Windows 10 now, which should be scheduled later.
  • Identify which applications are good candidates for consolidation, retirement, upgrade and conversion.
  • Initiate and track progress of workflows for Windows 10 readiness.

You’ll gain practical guidance for infrastructure readiness:

  • Check what you can do with your existing infrastructure and what may need upgrading/migration—now or in the future for Window 10.
  • Evaluate strategic requirements for content location, and strategies for handling image delivery and keeping content up to date.

You’ll get valuable information on how to choose the right migration options:

  • Decide between wipe-and-load, in-place upgrades, and provisioning—when to use each.
  • Speed up the the most time-consuming part of migration.
  • Tackle the PXE problem using new techniques and strategies.

That’s just a fraction of the topics packed into this dynamic session! Other Windows 10 migration discussion includes: user advocates, the need for speed, business continuity, self-service, visibility and control, and security.

To watch the video or download the presentation, click here.

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