Adaptiva and WME Partner to Help Companies Implement SCCM Security Best Practices and Lock Down Systems Management Environments

Adaptiva and Windows Management Experts SCCM Security Audit

Seattle, Wash. – March 29, 2016 — Adaptiva, a leading, global provider of IT systems management solutions that advance the power of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), today announced a service partnership with Windows Management Experts (WME), a Microsoft infrastructure and cloud solution integrator, to deliver SCCM Security Audits. The new auditing service, conducted by WME in collaboration with Adaptiva, provides customers with an in-depth evaluation of security practices and a customized action plan to strengthen systems management security.

According to a recent Adaptiva survey of more than 150 IT professionals, 70 percent expressed concern about potential security vulnerabilities in their Microsoft SCCM environments. Sixty-five percent of respondents also indicated plans to conduct an SCCM security audit in the next year, signaling an unprecedented focus on the security of systems management solutions.

Enterprises rely on SCCM to update their organizations’ endpoints with the latest security fixes and configurations, as well as to enforce internal policies and regulatory compliance. However, proper setup and management are crucial—if cyberattackers gain control of SCCM they could compromise thousands of devices worldwide. As part of the new Adaptiva and WME SCCM Security Audit service, security experts will conduct a series of interviews and system checks to:

  • Validate processes, procedures, and configurations against a list of more than 100 security best practices that apply to SCCM and to systems management more broadly.
  • Document where a company can improve SCCM security, and enumerate the areas where an IT department is doing things right where security is concerned.
  • Deliver a security action plan with specific remediations that should be performed to address identified vulnerabilities.

Customers have the option to also:

  • Implement the Adaptiva Client Health™ endpoint security engine to run more than 40 pre-built, automatedsystem health checks on the security of endpoints.
  • Implement Adaptiva OneSite™ content distribution engine to support the ongoing rapid deployment of security patches and updates.
  • Schedule follow-up reviews to ensure progress is made as planned, and validate that recommended security best practices are maintained on an ongoing basis.

“If a company’s systems management environment is compromised, the loss can be in the millions overnight,” said Matt Tinney, CEO of WME. “These security checks save IT professionals a lot of time in identifying and remediating potential vulnerabilities. By partnering with Adaptiva, we get best practices guidance from a company with deep experience securing SCCM environments in some of the world’s largest companies.”

“Security is a huge concern for everyone in IT, from admins to CIOs, who see locking down their SCCM environments as a crucial part of the solution,” said Jim Souders, COO, Adaptiva. “With the new SCCM Security Audit service, Adaptiva and WME team up to provide companies with protection and peace of mind. For organizations that want to upgrade their SCCM security program, we offer advanced security management capabilities with our OneSite and Client Health products.”

To learn more about the new SCCM Security Audit service and receive a complimentary SCCM Security Checklist, which highlights some of the key best practices that companies can implement to boost their protection, request a briefing here.

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Adaptiva is a leading, global provider of IT systems management solutions that advance the power of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). Founded in 2004 by the lead architect of Microsoft SMS 2003, Adaptiva enables IT professionals to securely speed enterprise-wide software deployments without adding costly servers or throttling network bandwidth. The company’s breakthrough peer-to-peer systems management technology uses intelligence, automation, and bandwidth optimization techniques to distribute content faster than any other systems management solution available today. Adaptiva’s suite of smart scaling systems management products includes OneSite™ for rapid content distribution and management, Client Health™ for endpoint security, troubleshooting, and remediation, and Green Planet™ for energy-efficient power management and patching. The company’s software is used by Fortune 500 companies and deployed on millions of devices in over 100 countries. Learn more at


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