Automate time-intensive ConfigMgr tasks with Adaptiva OneSite

Does your day as an SCCM administrator consist of running around trying to do more things than are humanly possible? You can shrink your daily task list with the peer-to-peer content distribution engine Adaptiva OneSite™, eliminating huge headaches like managing scores of servers (DP, PXE, SMP) and throttling/scheduling content deliveries. However, OneSite takes automation to much greater heights, intelligently handling countless day-to-day systems management tasks.

Spend Way Less Time on Content Staging and Distribution

Content push (also called pre-staging or pre-caching) is critical for any distributed organization. By pushing files out to an office ahead of when they are needed, you make deployments go faster and improve your success rates. However, pre-staging each individual content item can take a lot of time. Plus, you have to decide which offices to push it to, and then decide which computer in each office to deliver it to. Unless you have OneSite, which automates pre-staging for Windows 10 OSD, applications, software updates, and more.

OneSite’s AutoStage will let you configure policies for automatically pushing and pre-staging content. You specify which software to pre-stage to which offices. Then when content is created with a matching SCCM priority and content type, OneSite pre-stages it automatically to every location you requested.

Unlike other peer-to-peer solutions for SCCM, OneSite can automatically select the best-suited system at each location to pre-stage content. That saves you the trouble of picking each machine to receive content, though you can still target specific systems if you prefer. This feature is called IntelliStage. You can learn about IntelliStage, and Adaptiva’s other time-saving content push capabilities in this datasheet.

Automation: Content Staging and Distribution with OneSite

See All Content In-transit and at Rest in Real Time!

Without OneSite, administrators can spend hours trying to figure out what content is stored where, or what transfers to kill to make way for higher priority deliveries. And if they want to change some client settings, they have to figure out a way to update every single client individually. Ugh! OneSite makes it easy to see almost everything about SCCM, and makes it easy to change it all on they fly in real time. It’s all managed through an integrate drag-and-drop administration.

OneSite LiveFlow™ gives you quick, actionable visibility into content distribution status and prioritization. See what transfers are happening, live, and how close they are to completion. Then pause, reprioritize, or cancel them instantly in real time. That’s right, OneSite lets you change content delivery priorities on the fly with instant impact. Plus, OneSite gives you 256 priorities, so you’re not limited to the three in SCCM. It can also tell you exactly what content is stored where at rest on disk throughout the world.

Centralized administration lets you conveniently manage settings for all clients, including security settings. Just change it once in the console and the changes are made on all clients you choose worldwide—automatically.

To learn more about this and other visibility features, check out this datasheet:

Automation: Content Visibility and Control with OneSite

Why Script Custom Actions when you Can Drag-and-drop?

Adaptiva OneSite is the only content distribution engine that lets you go codeless by visually creating and executing workflows for SCCM. The WorkFlow Engine and WorkFlow Designer are tightly integrated with SCCM, with over 160 systems management activities to make your job easy. OneSite gives you much more power than wrapper scripts because it lets you run WorkFlows for critical SCCM functions and events, such before or after software is downloaded to a client.

WorkFlows can also be run on the server, and they can ask for run-time input into a form if desired. If you have a big time investment in PowerShell, you can leverage that too, by incorporating your PowerShell directly into workflows with complete two-way passing of values (including collections).

To learn what else you can customize with OneSite, read this datasheet.

Automation: Customization and Business Process Integration with OneSite

Do your Job Better and Save Time Too!

Adaptiva makes systems management a lot easier by taking care of the busy work for you. Request a demo today to see OneSite in action.