If you’re an IT professional, nobody expects you to get everything done, but everybody expects to you get security done—and done right. It’s one priority that you can’t put off. There is far too much at stake. If you are responsible for keeping thousands of endpoints healthy and secure, you may be frustrated by the enormous time and effort it takes.

That’s why we created Adaptiva Client Health™. It’s an endpoint health and security engine that’s smart enough to figure out what’s wrong with a computer, and fix it automatically. It can also validate the computer against your company’s unique security and compliance policies to make sure all your endpoints are up-to-code all the time.


Client Health is different from competing solutions that merely “look but don’t touch.” These view-only technologies can peek at systems and report issues, but can’t actually diagnose and fix them. When Adaptiva’s solution finds a problem with a client’s health, security, compliance, etc., it will: identify the root cause of the problem, fix it automatically, and re-test to make sure the fix was successful.

We’ve just added dozens of security-focused heath checks too. Client Health now comes with 75 health checks that work right out of the box covering topics including: security, operating system, performance, SCCM client health, Adaptiva OneSite™ client health (for OneSite users), inventory based on custom criteria (i.e., ‘abc’ string exists in xyz file), performance, Windows update, WMI, network, communications, and more. To dig deeper, download the Client Health Datasheet.

Client Health has one more time-saving capability that absolutely blows people away: a visual WorkFlow Designer to create your own workflows. You can create your own custom health checks and remediations to fit your company’s specific requirements, and you can do it without coding. The graphical WorkFlow Designer is powerful too. It has all the essential programming constructs, some advanced ones like the ability to spawn multiple threads that run in parallel, and over 160 purpose-built activities for security and client health.

Drag-and-drop to create workflows without writing a single line of code

You don’t need to use PowerShell at all, but it’s easy to incorporate PowerShell scripts into your Workflows if you want to. You can also generate EXE files and distribute them. That would be a great way, for example, to give the internal Help Desk the power to troubleshoot and repair common problems, without giving them additional SCCM access. Of course, the EXE files can only be run by staff with valid security credentials (authentication and authorization are checked at run-time, every time).

The end result is that IT professionals spend a lot less time end effort to enforcing security policies and keeping systems up and running worldwide. Sound interesting? It’s even more impressive in person, so request a demo and we’ll show you and answer all your questions.

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