While only a limited number of forward-thinking IT shops have actually gone to the cloud for software distribution, almost all of them are thinking about it. According to a recent Adaptiva survey, 70% of software distribution is still managed on-premise, but 86% of IT professionals said they expect to use the cloud in the future. There are good reasons for distributing software on-premise instead of the via the cloud today, including: security, cost, speed, network saturation, loss of control, support for Windows 10 deployment, and others.

Adaptiva just helped the industry take a giant leap skyward by releasing the world’s first cloud-hosted software distribution solution for ConfigMgr, Adaptiva OneSite™ 6.0. The response to Adaptiva’s announcement of OneSite 6.0 has been overwhelming. I’ll give you short introduction here, and you can get more information in this datasheet.

Security. Adaptiva OneSite 6.0 meets and exceeds the two most respected security standards in the industry, FIPS 140-2 and NSA Suite B. We bring a lot to cloud communications: secure key exchange, Active Directory/Windows authentication, tamperproofing for all messages and content, and the power to encrypt all content at rest and in transit.

Minimal Bandwidth Usage. OneSite 6.0 only downloads a piece of content from the cloud once, even when distributing to 300,000+ systems. Only Adaptiva can offer this solution, because we connect the cloud to the most advanced enterprise-class content distribution system in the world. Fortune 500 companies have been using our WAN distribution for years because it is fast, reliable, and has zero-impact on systems and the network.

The ConfigMgr Engine Drives Everything. System administrators and IT managers love ConfigMgr because it gives them total control. With OneSite 6.0, all that control remains in the hands of IT. We enhance native ConfigMgr by providing the ability to view, pause, reprioritize or even cancel any content transfer in real time. It’s a no-compromise cloud solution.

Windows 10 OSD. OneSite 6.0 lets you run full-blown Windows 10 OSD from the cloud. We do it with advanced pre-staging that makes it easy to efficiently distribute 30GB+ of OSD content to hundreds of location worldwide. We automate all aspects of OSD, even legacy BIOS to UEFI conversion. We also automatically update all your OSD files worldwide when you update a task sequence, driver, etc.—all using state-of-the-art binary differential compression so only changed bits are sent.

Futureproof your Software Distribution

You may not move the cloud right away, but the technology you choose should give you the option to make the move when you are ready. With OneSite 6.0 you can remain entirely on-premise, and when you’re ready move just a few systems or collections to the cloud. It’s not an all or nothing proposition.

Whether you work with Microsoft Azure, or other cloud services, we can take you there. You don’t want to be the poor soul who has to explain why they chose the technology that can’t go the cloud. Give your ConfigMgr installation wings with OneSite 6.0. Request a demo today.