I don’t see why any client that uses SCCM would want to use the old method of having distribution points globally around the world. The return on investment from Adaptiva to be able to go and pull distribution points away and have just one Adaptiva server is huge.

Fortune 1000 company Alere delivers diagnostics and point of care solutions resulting in better information and healthcare outcomes globally. When Alere needed a software distribution system to speed content, including Windows operating systems to their nearly 10,000 employees around the globe they selected Adaptiva OneSite.

In this customer testimonial interview, David Baker, Senior SCCM Engineer at Alere, discusses how he uses OneSite to manage software distribution in a complex IT architecture that is geographically distributed across 250 sites.

Alere was able to use OneSite to eliminate the hundreds of distribution point servers typically required with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager in an environment of their size. The company also solved their content distribution issues over slow links and low bandwidth areas using OneSite’s unique predictive bandwidth harvesting capabilities.

Alere also uses Adaptiva’s peer-to-peer PXE booting capabilities to upgrade operating systems in 85% of their locations, reducing administrative efforts substantially.


Hi David, please introduce yourself.

I’m David Baker, I work for Alere, Inc., and my job title is Sr. SCCM engineer.

Tell us about your SCCM environment.

My organization is fairly spread out globally, there’s probably close to about 250 sites. The overall architecture is a CAS and two primaries that are geographically distributed between Europe and United States.

That’s a lot of sites. How were you distributing content, and how has Adaptiva helped?

We were distributing things with using native SCCM with several remote distribution points. Adaptiva by far has eliminated the need for a DP in almost every location.

How is OneSite’s peer-to-peer PXE feature helping you speed Windows OS migrations?

We currently actively use peer-to-peer PXE in about 85% of the locations. Peer-to-peer PXE itself is working fantastic. It eliminates the need to interact with the network team. Due to the different geographical locations there’s also language barriers, so just to be able to have a machine set up, have the Adaptiva on there—we throw the SCCM client on there of course—just be able to add in to specific collections and let that fly, it’s perfect.

How does Adaptiva’s predictive bandwidth harvesting feature help you speed content distribution in bandwidth constrained areas?

Adaptiva utilizing the predictive bandwidth harvesting is huge for us, we do have some pretty solid WAN links, but we do environments where they’re brought through a central hub and brought back into US status center. In that event, those sites themselves may have slow links going back up, and they don’t see any slowdown when we’re pushing active deployments.

Are you using OneSite’s content pre-staging features for OSD?

Pre-staging content for OSD is fantastic. Again, it utilizes the band with harvesting. It doesn’t bring down the network at all and typically within a couple of hours to 24-48 hours we’re up and running and the site can start imaging on that subnet.

How OneSite’s AutoSync feature been useful in your OSD efforts?

The AutoSync feature that’s built into Adaptiva for OSD works perfect. Again with a driver pack or an application change that’s in OSD, it can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to less than an hour and everywhere, every site has the latest, greatest content.

How has your experience been with Adaptiva Support?

Support has been fantastic utilizing Adaptiva. There hasn’t been a time I think where a ticket stays in the queue with them for maybe an hour. Typically you get somebody that will either email you back or call right up and they’re ready to go and get you onto a join.me session or a WebEx and take care of whatever issues that you have. It’s by far one of the best parts of the product is the support.

Would you recommend Adaptiva OneSite as a solution?

I don’t see why any client that uses SCCM would want to use the old method of distribution points globally around the world—unless there was some kind of legality reason. The return on investment from Adaptiva to be able to go and pull distribution points away to have one Adaptiva service is huge. I will say by far Adaptiva reduces the amount of administrative work when you utilize it with SCCM.