Secure 10 Automates Rapid, High-volume Windows 10 Enterprise Deployments

Secure 10 Automates Rapid, High-volume Windows 10 Enterprise Deployments

Bellevue, Wash. – July 19, 2016 — Adaptiva, the market leader in smart scaling systems management, today released a new free community solution, Secure 10™, to help enterprises speed migrations from Windows 7/8 to secure Windows 10 environments. The open solution includes detailed documentation to help system administrators overcome the complexities of automating the conversion from the legacy BIOS start-up program that computers running Windows 7/8 typically use to the more powerful Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) necessary to enable the enterprise security features available in Windows 10.

“With this free BIOS to UEFI conversion solution, we’ve exposed some simple but essential functionality that expedites secure Windows 7/8 to Windows 10 migrations,” said Adaptiva COO Jim Souders. “And we’ve made Secure 10 available to the IT community at large with helpful documentation revealing how it works so they can modify it, and even create their own tools. We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to take advantage of the enhanced security capabilities Windows 10 offers.”

A recent Adaptiva survey of more than 130 IT professionals found that 82 percent felt a move to Windows 10 would make their company more secure. This is due, in part, to the exclusive Windows 10 Enterprise security features that require UEFI support. These include Secure Boot to authorize startup devices and software, Device Guard to lock out untrusted software, and Credential Guard to further protect authentication credentials. However, the move from BIOS to UEFI is often technically challenging because it is a motherboard-level operation requiring a reboot and new disk format.

Adaptiva’s Secure 10 solution makes the BIOS to UEFI conversion process simple and automatic, so migrations take much less time and administrators don’t need to be on-site during the process. The free and customizable instructions make it possible for anyone using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to automate all aspects of the BIOS to UEFI migration, including the conversion for HP, Dell, and Lenovo systems. It is easily extensible for all other hardware makes and models from any vendor that provides UEFI utilities.

Secure 10 also offers additional functionality including:

  • The ability to change the BIOS setting to enable Wake-on-LAN capabilities
  • The option to change the SATA hard drive controller interface type
  • Automatic repartitioning of the hard disk for UEFI compatible GPT

Secure 10 adds to Adaptiva’s growing breadth of technology for advancing rapid Windows operating system deployments, including the company’s award-winning peer-to-peer (P2P) PXE solution. P2P PXE enables any client running the Adaptiva OneSite product to act as a PXE server and requires virtually no setup or administration.

The free Secure 10 solution is publicly available now in the Tools section of Adaptiva’s online SCCM Academy. For current Adaptiva OneSite™ customers, Secure 10 will also be automatically included as a pre-packaged workflow in the next OneSite version release. For more information on the Secure 10 process please view the video available here:


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