As you know, Microsoft Ignite 2015 was a huge event, both in size (over 20,000 people) and in technical training. We took the opportunity to interview some SCCM administrators about their experience with Adaptiva OneSite.

In part one, we talk with a Sr. Systems Engineer from a Fortune 500 title company. Using OneSite, he was able to:

  • Relieve the headache of managing distribution points.
  • Get the network team to stop throttling his SCCM content delivery, and distribute SCCM content any time of the day.
  • Deliver a 2GB application to users same-day (versus four days before).


What’s your overall impression of Adaptiva OneSite?

I can certainly say having OneSite in play without managing distribution points, patching those distribution points up to par … updating the distribution points, the content, just transferring source files all over the place. I mean, it totally relieves the headache.

How did you manage SCCM traffic before you had OneSite?

During the daytime, we were throttling around 20K per second, which is pretty sad [laughs]. We couldn’t get our software update patches to our workstations in time to meet compliance deadlines. Our patch compliance is 30 days. It was taking, you know, a month and a half, plus [laughs].

Do you have to schedule or throttle with OneSite?

No. We set it; we pretty much forget.

Has the network team ever complained about OneSite?

No, the traffic almost remains locally. Only downloads one to one box, pushes out to the next 50 machines.

Does Zero Footprint Caching affect users?

The folder’s hidden. They don’t see any used space if they ever go on the computers and click on, you know, your C: drive.

Do you use P2P PXE?

We use P2P PXE on our remote sites where we don’t have any distribution points or primary servers.

How do you pre-stage content using OneSite?

In particular, we’ve been using the content push policy to pre-stage onto systems in Hawaii where the colo [colocation] is really actually located in California. So, it’s basically traversing the network multiple times. And the file itself, the Nuance, is about two gigs, so you can imagine using BITS or any other throttle mechanism; it was taking about four days just for one install on one machine. With Adaptiva, we can get it the same day.

What’s your experience with Adaptiva’s support?

Fantastic, true statement! Better than most of the vendors I’ve dealt with.  They don’t forget about you. Get updates every day.