In this video and transcript, we interview Matt Tinney of Windows Management Experts about the benefits his clients in finance and health care industries are realizing with Adaptiva OneSite and Adaptiva Client Health.

  • A large organization simplified SCCM architecture by managing 2,400 hundred locations using only three distribution point servers (DPs).
  • Using Adaptiva’s P2P PXE and OSD capabilities, Matt helped a client migrate 14,000 machines to Windows 7 in six months.
  • Adaptiva Client Health resolved issues with active machines, and identified inactive ones ahead of time, dramatically improving Windows deployment success rates.


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Matt Tinney. I’m a lead System Center Architect at Windows Management Experts.

How do you use Adaptiva OneSite with your customers?

We’re working with large financial companies and also some of the health care companies. We’re helping them with implementing Adaptiva for their Windows 7 and software distribution processes.

What does SCCM architecture look like with Adaptiva OneSite?

With one client, we’re implementing a CAS with two child primary sites, and we have three distribution points. We also have 2,400 remote sites. In that architecture, we’re using Adaptiva.

Do you use OneSite’s Delivery Prioritization?

There’s been instances we need to do a massive deployment, like for patching a large distribution for a software upgrade. We actually are able to set that to be a higher priority than our content push policies because content push is something that needs to go out over a couple weeks, whereas a software update needs to be prioritized at a higher schedule. We have actually utilized that in the past, and it’s working really well.

Do you use OneSite Peer-to-peer PXE?

Yes, we’re using PXE on all of our imaging subnets. It’s actually really easy. All you do is you enable a policy and point to the Windows automation kit that you want to use for your architecture, and then you point to a collection if you want to use known computers with mac addresses known, or you can use unknown computer support.

Can you give an example of your experience with OSD using OneSite?

We were able to image approximately 14,000 machines using the technology. All that content was staged locally, and we were able to build about 14,000 machines over about six months. We would image two rounds per day. So we would have a morning shift and a night shift, and we imaged about 200 to 300 machines per load. That was actually a lot of machines being built at once using this infrastructure.

Do you use Adaptiva Client Health?

Oh yeah. Recently we’re really gotten into the Client Health for really helping us determine machines that are active — that have issues — and machines that are non-active, that are currently not on the floor anymore. This technology is helping us clean up and allowing us to create strategies to really improve the environment and improve our deployment success as well.

What’s it like working with Adaptiva?

Oh, working with Adaptiva is awesome. Super responsive. The support team is awesome, amazing. They’re very open to new features and new feedback, and really just creating a collaboration is one of the big things about working with Adaptiva.


For more information on WME Solutions & Services for System Center and Adaptiva implementation, contact Matt Tinney, [email protected] or (206) 778-4432.