4 Support Pet Peeves

For most of my career, I’ve been the customer calling tech support for planning guidance or help resolving production issues. I have had some amazing support experiences, and I’ve had more than a few frustrating ones.

As Director of Customer Experience, I get to deliver the same outstanding support I used to receive as an Adaptiva customer. Plus, my team and I get to make sure nobody has to suffer from my top technical support pet peeves! Our North American and European staff take pride in providing the best support possible to global customers 24×7 using a follow-the-sun support model.

Here is how Adaptiva makes sure my top four support pet peeves don’t happen to you.

No Scripted Questions or Responses
I get impatient when technicians read from a script or give canned answers without bothering to understand what’s actually happening. That’s why at Adaptiva, we listen carefully to understand the problem and your environment. Then we gather information, and work with you to move as quickly as possible to resolving your problem.

Highly Trained Engineers
Sometimes when calling support I have felt like I was just biding my time with a low-level support person so I could eventually get a “real” engineer. At Adaptiva, every member of the support team is a seasoned SCCM engineer who knows the IT landscape and systems management broadly and deeply. Your job isn’t simple, and it isn’t easy. So we provide the advanced skill sets required to understand and resolve your problem as fast as possible.

We Drive Your Case and Never Forget about You
I have sometimes had a great start to a support case only to get no follow-up from the engineer. I felt like he or she forgot about me. At Adaptiva, our Proactive Support Process ensures that no customer is left wondering when they’re going to hear something back or what’s being done. We keep you informed all the way through to completion.

We Own your Problem
Have you ever had a vendor blame the problem on some other software or system and then close the case because it’s “not their fault?” I have, and I hated it. We don’t do that at Adaptiva. If our software appears to be working correctly, and the problem appears to be somewhere else, we’ll still do our best to help you get your issue fixed. We genuinely want you to succeed.

We developed our Proactive Support Model to address these frustrations, and more. To find out more about how we make support easier for our customers, visit our support page here.