Jay Parehk of Netrix on simplifying SCCM Admininstion with Adaptiva OneSite

In this video, we talk to Jay Parekh of Netrix about how companies are using Adaptiva OneSite to produce incredible ROI, dramatically reduce administrator workload, and perform zero-touch Windows deployments on a massive scale.


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Jay Parekh. I work for Netrix, based out of Chicago, IL, a national Microsoft solutions provider. I’m the Director of End User Computing.

Has OneSite helped your customers reduce their SCCM infrastructure?

We had one large manufacturer that had over 30 distribution points — 30 offices worldwide. With OneSite, they were able to eliminate all their distribution points, making their infrastructure simpler, easier to manage.

Does OneSite save time?

Definitely. Think about 30 servers that you don’t have to manage, patch on a monthly basis. You don’t have to worry about servers being down. You don’t have to worry about keeping them up and running. It saves a significant amount of time.

Does OneSite provide a quick return on investment?

It does. So, when a customer goes to a new version of SCCM or needs to open up new offices, the fact that they don’t have to acquire new servers, acquire new storage for servers for a distribution point. That alone, the return on investment is much quicker because you’re not buying a lot of capital or hardware.

Did OneSite solve WAN congestion issues?

Before OneSite, the SCCM traffic was congesting the WAN. Especially around the time large packages, large content—like images—were distributed to distribution points. Especially in remote locations that have smaller WAN links. So, SCCM was definitely bringing down a lot of WAN traffic. After we bought OneSite, there was no need to schedule any content pushes to the remote offices.

Have you received any complaints from the network team since deploying OneSite?

Before OneSite, we had network complaints. After OneSite, the network teams hardly contact any of our customers for any issues.

Does Zero Footprint Caching provide your customers with enough storage?

With OneSite, the customer no longer needs to buy additional storage. The Zero Footprint [Caching] allows them to create a Virtual SAN that gives them unlimited storage capacity at every remote office. There is zero impact to the end user. They work as normal. The performance doesn’t take a hit, and their productivity doesn’t take a hit with the OneSite product.

Is it difficult for administrators to set up the Virtual SAN?

It was not. My engineers at Netrix were able to create that OneSite configuration in a matter of minutes and deploy that to the end users.

How has OneSite affected your OSD process?

OneSite operating system deployments are much quicker and easier to deploy.

How does OneSite impact system administrators?

Administrators’ job does get easier because they do not have to manage distribution points at their remote offices. So, if they have 30 distribution points like my other customer had, that’s 30 distribution points that the administrators no longer have to manage. Makes their life much easier.

What’s it like to work with Adaptiva?

Adaptiva’s been one of the easiest partnerships we’ve ever had. Working with the Adaptiva support team, our clients are able to get quick answers, and they don’t have to wait for days to get replied. If there is an issue, the Adaptiva support team is right on it. Very easy to contact and solve the issues.


For more information on Netrix consulting services for System Center and Adaptiva implementation, contact Jay Parekh [email protected] or (708) 297-2854.