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Windows 10 migrations are the next biggest challenge for the SCCM admins. Isn’t it ? How many Giga bites of data that we (SCCM admins) need to transfer to remote DPs over the WAN for Windows 10 migrations? Are most of the organizations planning to stay with Windows 10 Current Branch for Business (CBB) or it would be mix of CBB and Long Term Service Branch (LTSB)? More details about Windows 10 branches via Infographics here. I think, there should be scenarios we need to have OSD image for both the branches (CBB and LTSB). This increases the content transfer over the WAN and more headache for SCCM admins. Your existing SCCM infrastructure will really help to achieve Windows 10 migration seamlessly. Here are some of the questions that you wanted to ask before the start of Windows 10 migrations.

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