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Do you know about a tool which can create an independent EXE file in a fly? Here it’s, “the rich visual scripting engine for systems management” called “Tool Foundry”. It can generate EXE files in a fly for SCCM operations team or desktop support engineers. Before going into more details about Tool Foundry, let’s think about the challenges faced by SCCM operations team. I’ve a series of posts about these challenges of SCCM admins and one of them is Daily Worries of SCCM Admins. SCCM team is always in a need of creating scripts and in-house applications. These tools or EXEs will be given to field operations team or desktop team to fix SCCM client issues or WMI issues or some other custom operations task. However, the problem with in-house apps and scripts are that they are not “Enterprise Class“. We can’t manage those tools centrally (remotely)!

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