Company Set to Preview New Software at Microsoft Ignite on May 4 to Demonstrate How OneSite 5.0 Accelerates Massive Rollouts of Microsoft’s Newest Operating System

Adaptiva OneSite 5.0 Supports Windows 10 Enterprise Deployments

SEATTLE, April 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Adaptiva, a leading provider of add-ons for Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager, today announced a Windows 10 compatible version of its flagship solution, OneSite 5.0. Through extensive lab testing of Microsoft Windows 10 deployment scenarios, Adaptiva is ensuring OneSite 5.0 is equipped to reduce the cost and effort for global enterprises to perform zero-touch, high-volume migrations to Microsoft’s newest OS upon release.

Adaptiva anticipates Windows 10 will see rapid deployment in the enterprise driven by business-focused features, such as two-factor authentication and separation of personal and business data, and pent-up demand following the slow adoption of Windows 8. Microsoft is also fortifying enterprise Windows 10 operating system deployment (OSD) with upgrades to Configuration Manager. Adaptiva OneSite has been reducing the cost of Configuration Manager OSD for years by eliminating the need for global server infrastructure, new WAN bandwidth, or network equipment reconfiguration. With OneSite 5.0, Adaptiva will make Windows 10 deployment across tens or hundreds of thousands of clients just as inexpensive, fast and easy as OneSite Windows 7 OSD.

“Through our early testing and continuous improvement with each interim release, customers can rest assured that OneSite 5.0 will simplify deployments of Windows 10 while saving time and money,” said Deepak Kumar, CTO and founder of Adaptiva. “With OneSite 5.0, they can begin experiencing the advantages of Microsoft’s newest OS without the usual enterprise OSD delays around server infrastructure, provisioning of PXE points, and bandwidth.”

Adaptiva is ensuring that all OneSite capabilities work seamlessly with Windows 10, including:

  • Total Bandwidth Control: Predictive bandwidth harvesting, NetBoost, and flow equalizer allow OneSite to deliver Windows 10 OS images over poor WAN links that otherwise would be unusable for such large content—while never impacting business traffic for even a millisecond.
  • Content pre-staging: OneSite’s content push technologies, including content push for task sequences, IntelliStage, and AutoStage, all work with Windows 10 in-place upgrades, WinPE, and bare metal OSD content.
  • P2P PXE and V-SMP: OneSite’s unique, dynamic P2P PXE and virtual state migration points, proven successful in multiple environments of over 300,000 computers, are fully Windows 10 ready and still require no network configuration.
  • Content encryption: Adaptiva encrypts content stored in its virtual state migration points, so a user’s data and settings are never visible to others during Windows 10 OSD, improving security and compliance with privacy regulations.

Adaptiva is set to demo a live enterprise-scale rollout of Windows 10 using SCCM next week as a platinum sponsor at the sold out Microsoft Ignite Conference May 4-8, 2015, in Chicago. The event will also feature a technical session entitled Successfully Deploy Windows 10 in the Enterprise Using System Center Configuration Manager, which will walk attendees through zero-touch, high-volume deployment of the latest OS.OneSite 5.0 will be generally available to customers in conjunction with the official release of Windows 10 in the coming months. For more information, visit

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