I like to put ridiculous pictures in my blogs, but there’s nothing silly about a case study showing the amazing benefits TNT has realized by deploying Adaptiva OneSite. This leaves me without an excuse for posting an off-the-wall picture of me flying over the grand canyon in a jet pack, or fishing.

So I’m going to post a random picture of myself anyhow, for no reason, and still tell you why TNT, one of the largest express delivery companies in the world, chose to deploy OneSite.


TNT delivers documents, parcels, and palletised freight all over the world. They have actual physical operating facilities in over 60 countries. Those facilities have computers. TNT chose SCCM to manage those computers, but they didn’t want to put systems management servers in every operating location around the world. They also didn’t want to buy a bunch of new WAN bandwidth to handle the load on the network from software applications, updates, OS images, etc.

So, they chose Adaptiva OneSite. Simple. They don’t need servers, and predictive bandwidth harvesting lets them move content over the existing WAN faster without interfering with other business traffic on the network.

The result:

  1. TNT eliminated 430 distribution point servers
  2. TNT saved over £1 million
  3. I went into space to deliver packages to astronauts*

Well, two of those three things are true. One of them I made up. To find out which one, read the case study and learn more about how TNT saved money and improved IT operations with OneSite.

* Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge, I have never actually been in space.