In this video and transcript, we interview Jason Snook of Flexera about operating system deployment (OSD). Together, Adaptiva and Flexera provide a comprehensive zero-touch Windows migration solution including:

  • Application compatibility, licensing, and deployment.
  • Instant global SCCM infrastructure (no servers) including PXE points
  • World’s only third-generation WAN bandwidth management for OS images


Tell us about yourself.

I’m Jason Snook. I’m a practice manager with Flexera Software in charge of App Portal and SCCM services for all of North America.

How many distribution points have you eliminated with OneSite?

The best example I can really give on how we’ve eliminated distribution points with Adaptiva OneSite is with a client that eliminated 2,400 and turned that into seven for their SCCM infrastructure.

Without OneSite, how many PXE Servers would you need for OSD and how long would it take to deploy them?

Without OneSite peer-to-peer (P2P) PXE, for just a single customer we would need 2,400 PXE service points. Having OneSite and P2P PXE enables us to instantly have PXE services across the environment with the deployment of the Adaptiva client.

What does zero footprint caching do?

Zero footprint caching eliminates the need to deploy and manage distribution points across the environment. It allows us to use and scavenge all the available resourcing from the hardware/hard drive’s perspective in the environment, and do this without impacting the end user. And do this without impacting their drive space that they see that’s available to them.

Is predictive bandwidth harvesting important to your company?

Predictive bandwidth harvesting is crucial for not only myself, but for all of our clients. When we look at coming into an organization and deploying an environment, impacting business traffic, impacting the network, is not anything that’s really an option for us. So this allows us to use what’s available without impacting that business traffic and without having to monitor and maintain utilization of the network across the environment.

How important is Rapid OSD to your company?

Rapid OSD has become a crucial part of our OSD solution.  We use that as our primary focus for all our deployments when we come to customers. Our products handle the application side of the house; but as far as the deployment side and being able to set up an environment, prepare it for OSD, and then migrate a massive amount of clients within usually a constrained amount of time, it wouldn’t be possible without Adaptiva OneSite.

What was your first impression of Adaptiva?

My first impression of Adaptiva was skepticism. I came on to a project where we were going to implement SCCM. The client had selected Adaptiva OneSite as the solution. So being a traditional SCCM architect, I had a lot of questions. I know what you need for a volume of servers for an enterprise of that size.  I was concerned that the solution wouldn’t be able to meet the requirements of the customer. With working with engineering, all my questions being answered, and proving out the technology, it’s become a critical part of our solution. It’s something we recommend to all of our clients.

What’s it like to do business with Adaptiva?

Doing business with Adaptiva has been a really pleasant experience. They’re straight talking. They’re available. And they’re responsive. So any time that I’ve needed them and reached out to them, they’ve let me know the status of the situation, and they’ve worked through me through resolution to whatever question I had.

How do Flexera and Adaptiva Combine?

A: Flexera and Adaptiva provide a complete solution for OSD. Flexera handles application identification, rationalization, remediation, and self-service capability to fulfill OSD. What we lack is the ability to really enhance the deployment framework of the SCCM environment. So together that makes it possible for us to do things like migrate 30,000 endpoints in a matter of three months.

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