As more organizations have deployed Adaptiva OneSite, a once-radical idea has become mainstream:

Enterprise-class P2P technology is scalable, secure, and business-friendly.

Adaptiva OneSite has proven this by strengthening the infrastructure backbone of global financial institutions, worldwide manufacturing leaders, and large-scale healthcare systems.

The new capabilities we delivered with OneSite 4.0 in May are a direct response to the needs of these immense, business-critical implementations.

Network Optimization

WAN Pause/Resume. This is one of the most requested OneSite features. People have been asking for it for years, because native SCCM does not offer it. A single button lets you pause (and later resume) all SCCM WAN traffic worldwide. You can stop everything in dozens of countries instantly, and later resume it so everything picks up exactly where it left off.

This gives you the comfort of knowing that you have a “big red button” available any time you might need it.

NetBoost. IT professionals tend to think in terms of bandwidth, but users don’t. They are more interested in network responsiveness, “when I refresh this screen, or click that button, I want immediate response!”

Adaptiva NetBoost is a true paradigm-shifting capability. It lets an administrator specify the desired responsiveness in a particular remote office, in milliseconds. OneSite will harvest all unused bandwidth on that connection, up to the specified threshold—leaving the exact amount needed to ensure the desired responsiveness. This lets a company guarantee the responsiveness of the network worldwide, even when moving massive amounts of content over some very slow connections.

Flow Equalizer. When SCCM is delivering content to many different places worldwide, it creates a network flow for each source/target data transfer. This can lead to many different network flows competing with each other.

OneSite 4.0 discovers these flows and evens them out by time-slicing between them in a round-robin fashion. Only one flow is active at a time. It’s analogous to the way an operating system multitasks by giving tiny bits of time to different processes, so it seems as if processes are running simultaneously when really only one runs at a time.

Dozens or hundreds of content transfers can take place on the WAN, and there is no competition between them. All content deliveries share the WAN evenly. This creates more predictable traffic and much greater efficiency—without requiring system administrators to do a thing.


P2P PXE. Adaptiva OneSite has always let you instantly deploy PXE on every network segment worldwide in seconds—without router configuration changes or DHCP scope options. OneSite customers were using this capability so heavily that they began to exceed the initial limit of five simultaneous sessions (five different source peers serving OS images to five systems).

With OneSite 4.0, P2P PXE can now reimage dozens or hundreds of computers at once, each getting its image from a different peer for load balancing. Plus, the initial delay in PXE booting, which used to take 15 to 20 seconds, is now nearly instantaneous.

Zero Footprint Caching. OneSite has always cached content at every operating location by using zero footprint caching to create a virtual SAN. Companies have come to rely on it as part of their infrastructure, in some cases storing hundreds of thousands of files on a single peer! OneSite worked perfectly in that scenario, and the users felt no impact at all, but the cache slowed down with that many files.

With OneSite 4.0, we have completely redesigned the data structures. Everything is RAM-based, and now a single cache can store millions of files with absolutely no performance degradation. As always, we do this without taking a byte of disk space from users, and without impacting any system’s performance.

Content Push with IntelliStage and Autostage. OneSite content push delivers files to physical locations ahead of time. This allows for instant deployment with no wait for WAN transfer.

In the past, administrators had to manually submit each piece of content for pre-staging.  OneSite 4.0 with AutoStage lets administrators specify what types of content they wish to pre-stage, such as SCCM packages, OS images, software updates, etc.  When content is created or updated, OneSite delivers it to remote locations automatically, and creates multiple copies.

IntelliStage makes content push smarter still, by automatically selecting the best suited machines at a location to host a piece of content. OneSite 4.0 looks at the type of machine, the OS, uptime, resources, and other factors, to choose the best-suited peers to host content at every location. This saves administrators the time it takes to designate specific machines—an almost impossible task for companies with thousands of locations.

Tool Foundry

With OneSite 4.0, we have released a very powerful business process integration tool. Tool Foundry lets you automate complex processes without writing a single line of code. You work visually in a powerful Workflow Designer that provides direct access to SCCM functionality.

With this unrivaled capability, you visually define the logic for a process you want to automate. Then you can distribute it as an executable file to others, such as field technicians or IT staff in other parts of the world. For example, an authorized person at a machine in Paris can run the executable (using command line arguments) on a machine in New York.

OneSite 4.0 debuts this monumental achievement in the field of systems management, combining: a visual Workflow Designer, easy SCCM functionality integration, and the ability to distribute a workflow as an executable file.


OneSite 4.0 provides full support for UEFI for systems management and OSD. All new Windows 8 systems, and many other systems, use UEFI. Support for the technology is critical. While other companies merely promise UEFI support “someday,” Adaptiva has it today.


We used to say OneSite was a revolutionary technology. Nobody had thought of moving infrastructure from the data center to outlying peer systems, and safely expanding WAN bandwidth with software. Over the years, we’ve watched Adaptiva OneSite succeed in huge deployments by Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s most valuable brands. While nobody else can do what Adaptiva engineering does—others don’t even come close—the revolution is over. OneSite 4.0 is mainstream.