For those of us that have used System Center Configuration Manager for years know that sometimes accidents happen. A task sequence is horribly misconfigured, the wrong Collection is chosen, a button is clicked too quickly, and all of a sudden all the disk drives in all the computers and servers in the organization are running FDISK.

You think I’m kidding?

In 2012, HP consultants, working at Australia’s CommBank, took down the entire organization with a Task Sequence that formatted the disks of 9,000 PCs and 490 servers (including domain controllers). The repair took a couple weeks and brought so much worldwide news attention that HP’s CEO, Meg Whitman, had to make a special, unplanned trip to Australia to help calm everyone down and apologize to retain CommBank as a client. I’m sure part of that apology involved monetary promises, but still…

So, you think this was a single, isolated and unique case? Not a chance.

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