Adaptiva: The first-and-only leaders

Nearly three years ago now, I was deciding whether to join Adaptiva or steer my career elsewhere. What really blew me away was when Founder and CTO Deepak Kumar showed me how many “first and only” innovations they had, and how many more they had planned.

Adaptiva is the first-and-only leader.

The proof is in our triple digit growth year after year, how much our customers love our products, and in the many first-and-only engineering breakthroughs we deliver (see partial list below). Plus, we’ve just won three more awards for innovation, and another one for growth. (Update December 3, 2014, we just won a fourth innovation award, Best in Biz silver!)


Best in Biz Awards

2014 Most Innovative Product of the Year – Enterprise
OneSite 4.0

American Business Awards (The Stevie® Awards)

2014 Tech Innovation of the Year Silver Winner
OneSite 4.0

Golden Bridge Awards

2014 Virtualization – Innovations  Gold Winner
OneSite 4.0

Golden Bridge Awards

2014 Fastest Growing IT Company of the Year Silver Winner

Network Products Guide

2014 Most Innovative IT Software Bronze Winner

We are Awesome Innovators

Any company can say, “gee we’re awesome innovators” without actual proof. Adaptiva gives you the juicy details. Here are just a few of the first-and-only innovations in one of our products, Adaptiva OneSite. Nobody else had them before, and nobody has them now.

Predictive Bandwidth Harvesting: Adaptiva OneSite uses UDP to deliver SCCM traffic, instead of bandwidth-hungry TCP, because we optimize bandwidth on a packet-by-packet basis. We are able to predict when the network will be busy or free, and send each packet based on that prediction. This allows us to harvest all available bandwidth without ever impacting or slowing other traffic. You can read about it here. Nobody else can do that!

Zero Footprint Caching: We cache data in unused disk space on end-node hard disks. We track it all in RAM, so it’s super-fast, and doesn’t impact users, who can write to 100% of their hard disk at any time. Other solutions use quotas to take disk space from end users. This is an Adaptiva first-and-only, because we never shy away advanced engineering. Read more about it here. Also, administrators never have to manage the caches, because we handle that in an intelligent Virtual SAN—yet another Adaptiva first-and-only.

Content Push with Intellistage and Autostage: Our marketing folks wanted to call this “faster than light” content delivery, because the content gets to a location before you deploy it. We deliver content ahead of time to the best-suited machines, at the desired locations, automatically. If you set up Content Push with IntelliStage and AutoStage, then when it’s time to deploy, your content is already there. Yet another first-and-only Adaptiva technology.

NetBoost: Our predictive bandwidth harvesting is so precise at finding and using all available bandwidth, that we devised a method to insure the network remains responsive for end users. With NetBoost, we harvest all available bandwidth, up until it reaches the responsiveness limit that you specify. You get all free bandwidth and users get snappy responses when they type and click. Who else has this third generation bandwidth management technology? Nobody.

Delivery Prioritization: Need to get SCCM content B out immediately, but it’s queued up behind content A? With OneSite delivery prioritization, you can simply give B a higher priority. It gets delivered right away, and then the other content resumes automatically right where it left off. Adaptiva is the first-and-only SCCM alternate content provider to deliver this capability.

Big Red Button: Officially known as WAN Pause/Resume, this button lets you stop all SCCM WAN traffic on a dime. When you’re ready for it to move again, you simply resume. Adaptiva is the first-and-only vendor to deliver this capability for SCCM.

Content Compression: With OneSite, if you choose, all SCCM content is automatically compressed when at rest (and of course when in transit). This way, it takes less disk space and moves over the network faster. We’re the first to do it with SCCM, and still the only.

Content Encryption: Security is more important than ever—even with SCCM content. That’s why Adaptiva OneSite lets you encrypt all SCCM content at the source and everywhere it travels. This keeps your content safe, from everybody in your company who is not given explicit access. It’s super secure and super efficient, and it’s another first-and-only for Adaptiva.

Tool Foundry: Who would build an entire visual interface allowing administrators to create advanced scripts specifically interacting with SCCM tasks and content? Adaptiva, of course. Tool Foundry gives you supercharged systems management scripting, without any coding. Not only that, you can distribute the results as a .exe file, so anybody with authorized access can run it. For example, a technician in Paris could run an executable file and specify parameters to perform an operation on a machine in New York. Yet another Adaptiva first-and-only.

This handful of examples is just the tip of the iceberg. The full list of Adaptiva first-and-only technologies is many times longer, and it’s growing all the time. We are a top-tier engineering outfit, consistently delivering innovative software that works great and keeps winning awards.

Nearly three years after joining Adaptiva, I’m happier than ever to be here. I picked a winner.