It’s easy to forget that fish can bite. On a recent fly fishing trip to the Seychelles Islands, I was quickly reminded… My friend Susan caught a 6’ sailfish and while we were landing it, the last thing on my mind was “better be careful, that fish might attack my shin.”

Guess who is still wearing a bandage on his shin, three weeks later?

If you’re running Windows XP, you’re in the same boat. You’re thinking about getting your work done, surfing the web, or whatever. And you are so accustomed to Microsoft immediately patching all security holes that you’re not too worried about getting bit.

But … Microsoft no longer supports XP, and they gave us all plenty of warning!

Windows XP is a Fish that will Bite you

Here’s the bite:

  1. A new IE vulnerability is hot and live, targeted attacks are happening now.
  2. The US and UK governments have warned against using IE for now.
  3. Microsoft has stated it will not fix this problem on Windows XP.

You can stand around waiting for your metaphorical shin (or perhaps another body part) to be bitten, or you can move to Windows 7/8. That’s where Adaptiva can help.

Adaptiva Rapid OSD let’s organizations move hundreds of thousands of Windows XP systems to Windows 7/8 in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take, at a fraction of the cost.

Nobody wants to tell their boss after security breach, “I didn’t think we were in danger.”

Adaptiva OneSite with Rapid OSD is working great for global financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and some of the world’s most valuable brands. Talk to us before you get bit.