Adaptiva OneSite and 1E Nomad™ are often mentioned in the same breath these days. Companies looking at one will evaluate the other, and quite frequently will choose Adaptiva. But it wasn’t always this way.

Rewind to 2010: 1E Nomad™ had 100% market share in a burgeoning category of enterprise software as the only Microsoft SCCM Alternate Content Provider. They had operated without competition for a while, until…

People were Blown Away

In 2011, a then-small company called Adaptiva started demonstrating a stunning technology they called “The Adaptive Protocol.” In incredible demonstrations, OneSite perfectly harvested all available bandwidth in real-time across a pair of Cisco 1700 series routers, and a T1 link.

Innovation was just one of several things that won us customers:

  • Amazing Engineering. Adaptiva revolutionized enterprise P2P technology, and consistently delivers game-changing new capabilities. All this power is easy to deploy and simply works.
  • Straight talk. We don’t waste your time. We tell you what the product does and let you decide if that’s what you need. We don’t make you buy our suite just to get the software you want—though we do have a suite, and it’s awesome.
  • Phenomenal support. Our customers love us because when they have a problem, we help them get it resolved quickly, even when it’s not an Adaptiva issue.
  • Zero cost evaluation. It won’t cost you a penny to set up a free trial or run a proof of concept. No professional services, no fees, no paperwork, no agreements to sign, no on-site visits to schedule. We help you set up the software and prove for yourself that OneSite works in your environment.

Climbing the Leaderboard

In the years since those early demos, Adaptiva has unleashed a series of innovations. We have produced four major revisions of OneSite, each more powerful than its predecessor, and establishing Adaptiva as the undisputed leader. That’s why we won three more prestigious awards for innovation in 2014.

We have grown since then too, helping some very large enterprises switch from 1E Nomad™ to OneSite:

At Adaptiva, we know how hard it is to manage systems. That’s why we have introduced the Step Up to OneSite program. Organizations that have purchased 1E Nomad™ or any other SCCM alternate content provider, can get a discount of up to 80% on OneSite.

We want you to have the best technology for your environment.