Adaptiva OneSite: One Server, OneSite, Global SCCM Infrastructure

Deploying Adaptiva IT Systems Management software offers significant tangible and intangible savings. For this post, we’ll touch on Adaptiva OneSite, an SCCM 2012 add-on that eliminates server infrastructure, harvests unused bandwidth and delivers any content anywhere anytime with zero network impact.

The first savings is in the reduction of server infrastructure and all associated costs (hardware refresh, licensing for OS, SQL, anti-virus, storage and the list goes on and on).

The second tangible savings is in administrative overhead and this is somewhat related to the size of environment. Larger environments realize larger savings, however, benefits are also realized in smaller companies where there are a few employees managing the environment. Any size company can realize significant savings in time, feature enablement and process efficiencies (automation).

Intangible savings or benefits include more efficient bandwidth utilization with no need for throttling and the management thereof. There is no need for collaboration with network groups to manage router and DHCP settings for PXE services and no need to manage free disk space on servers. Most importantly, by using Adaptiva OneSite, there is no impact to business operations due to either remote server availability or network impact.

The benefits of OneSite go way beyond day-to-day operations. OneSite offers improved processes for infrastructure maintenance. The time to deploy or upgrade SCCM is drastically reduced with Adaptiva OneSite because of the Peer-to-Peer architecture. Deploying an entire SCCM infrastructure supporting ~70,000 clients takes a fraction of the time where a project of this size could easily span a year or more with traditional SCCM architecture.

Time is money. Whether the enterprise is large or small, saving time benefits the company and the employees managing the environment. Time can be spent on other matters that are often neglected or rushed, improving IT efficiency.

If you want to save time and reduce costs, take a look at Adaptiva OneSite and see for yourself. Set aside an hour and view a demonstration. In minutes, you’ll see why Adaptiva is the preferred choice—really, the only choice for IT efficiency. Email [email protected] or call 425.823.4500.

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