So far I have never once seen enterprise IT professionals dance on a desk at work. However, I have seen Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, and it reminds me how systems management teams and network teams can end up fighting like Pee-wee and the Bikers.

Pee-wee Knocking over Bikes

Bikers will react swiftly if somebody knocks over their motorcycles, just like enterprise network teams get tough if somebody floods their network. They’ll slap them with restrictions, quotas, and whatever else is needed to protect the business’ bottom line—and rightly so.

Sometimes that’s what being responsible for systems management feels like: you have to make a phone call and the only phone around is in a rowdy biker bar.

Pee-wee had no interest in knocking over motorcycles, just like systems teams really don’t want to flood the network. Yet, they have content to deliver, systems to patch, security policies to uphold, and so much more.

Adaptiva OneSite solves this historical problem. Adaptiva’s revolutionary predictive bandwidth harvesting moves systems data when the WAN is underutilized and immediately moves out of the way when business traffic needs the network. Better still, it requires no router changes, no network equipment, and no network access or permissions!

In addition to Adaptiva’s groundbreaking predictive bandwidth harvesting technology, OneSite uses a powerful virtual network topology. You can learn more about virtual network models in this article Adaptiva CTO Deepak Kumar recently wrote for Enterprise Networking Planet titled Why Virtualize the Network?

With Adaptiva OneSite, the systems team can:

  • Move large amounts of data around the planet super-efficiently and quickly.
  • Never worry about flooding the network, and never impact business traffic; OneSite yields to business-critical WAN traffic and then proceeds again as soon as business traffic lightens up.
  • Do it all without router configuration changes or permissions; no complicated requests, and no waiting for the network team.

With all that cost-saving power in place, I wouldn’t be surprised if OneSite inspires everybody in IT department, networkers and systems folks alike, to do the tequila dance.