If you’re one person with one Windows XP computer that only runs Microsoft Office, you’re not worried that Microsoft XP support ends on April 8, 2014. For you, upgrading is nearly easy as pulling over to the side of the road and having a picnic while enjoying a view of the Grand Canyon. Of course, that’s if you’ve packed a few key essentials in your basket and have two to three hours for lunch.

You’ll need an external hard disk (or other storage) to save your data, and you’ll need all your original Office installation disks/files and license key. You have to save the data off, install Windows 7 or 8, restore your data, and install your applications. Microsoft has created a five step guide here. It takes a little planning, but it’s totally doable.

Todd Floyd Grand Canyon

One the other hand, April 8th might be kind of terrifying if you have to upgrade twenty thousand peoples’ Windows XP computers running all kinds of business-critical applications. You can’t just insert DVDs. It’s pretty near impossible for a whole host of reasons.

According to Microsoft, based on historical customer deployment data,

the average enterprise deployment can take 18 to 32 months from business case through full deployment.

But you only have six months left.

You might feel like you’re stuck on the edge of a cliff—and the only way off is to leap over the Grand Canyon. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon. (I took the picture of the Grand Canyon, the jetpack man is courtesy of Fir0002/Flagstaffotos.) It’s a truly breathtaking, gorgeous, inspirational sight. I love getting out into nature, but I do avoid jumping (or falling) off cliffs.

I have good news for you, Adaptiva has built an XP migration “jetpack,” and we’ve announced it today with this press release:

Adaptiva Helps Enterprises Streamline Operating System Migration From XP With OneSite Rapid OSD

We can reduce your XP migration time by well over 50%, and we have done it many times. Better yet, you won’t have to hire expensive contractors to do your migration for you. In fact, Adaptiva OneSite Rapid OSD works so well, that you don’t need hire us or anyone else to help you deploy it.

Rapid OSD from Adaptiva is like flying over the Grand Canyon in a jetpack. Not literally, but metaphorically it’s the same thing. So, if you’re facing a massive Windows XP migration, stop standing on the edge of a cliff looking down. Let Adaptiva help you leap across the canyon.