Seattle-Based IT Efficiency Software Company Encourages Other Technology Companies to Give Back to Local Communities

Adaptiva is pleased to have made a sizable donation in the form of office furniture, white boards and computer equipment to Arbor Heights Elementary within the Seattle School District. Adaptiva is encouraging other technology companies in the area to give back by providing similar donations to organizations in need.

This all came about after listening to a news story by Linda Thomas of KIRO 97.3 while commuting to the office. I was moved by her story about Seattle schools and the billion-dollar bond issue that was on the ballot. In the report, Christy Collins, principal of Arbor Heights Elementary in Seattle mentioned how much her school needed basic materials for teaching, and that an educator, Mr. Fisk, could not even use his blackboard as it would no longer accept chalk.

We were scheduling a move to a larger, brand new office complex in Bellevue and most of the furniture and office accessories would no longer be needed. When I arrived at Adaptiva, I called Principal Collins’ office and began working with staffer, Tracy Hughes on donating and delivering the office furniture.

“During these tough economic times, it’s inspiring to have a company such as Adaptiva go above and beyond to donate these desperately needed supplies for our teachers and students,” said Christy Collins, principal at Arbor Heights Elementary. “As a community, we are all in this together to help educate our children and I believe it is everyone’s job to pay-it-forward, and help build a solid foundation for our future.”

Adaptiva, with the help of Barin Yoder of Yoder Construction Company who assisted in the delivery and transportation of the items, provided a dozen whiteboards, leather office chairs, computer monitors, and other accessories to Arbor Heights Elementary. David Wilkie, an educator at Arbor Heights Elementary, assisted in receiving the first load on a Saturday morning. Wilkie is not only a teacher at the elementary, but also attended Arbor Heights as a child so the donation was especially touching for him.

The process took several trips, with the final one being most difficult. As two white boards, 12 feet in length could not be easily moved from our former office. Barin Yoder solved the problem by cutting the whiteboards in half, creating 4 six-foot pieces and these were loaded and transported to the elementary school on Sunday, March 3. As we parked to deliver the last load, I heard Principal Collins announce our arrival over the speaker system. Suddenly teachers began rushing out the front doors of the school to help, some laying claim to the items before they were out of the truck!

Adaptiva believes in supporting our local communities and giving back in any way we can to the organizations that need it most. Adaptiva encourages other technology companies to do the same. Look around your office and consider that unused office furniture or computer equipment and how it may be extremely valuable for our schools or other charitable organizations.


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