TechEd North America 2013

Adaptiva is unveiling a new edition of our award-wining IT Systems Management Software Suite today at booth #610 at the TechEd North America conference in New Orleans. This launch comes on the heels of an IDC survey, where nearly half (44 percent) of businesses said they plan to increase spending in software systems designed to increase efficiency. Adaptiva helps CIOs and system administrators streamline the inefficient process of managing IT networks. Come on by and see for yourself!

The Adaptiva IT Systems Management Software Suite provides system administrators the ability to manage their entire network with a single server, workbench and client agent. Once the Adaptiva agent is downloaded, users can activate each product by simply entering a license key in the Adaptiva Workbench, eliminating the additional deployment costs and delays of implementing separate software pieces. This creates additional IT efficiencies, and removes the need to manage multiple products with separate agents or user interface consoles from multiple vendors.

The suite consists of Adaptiva OneSite, Client Health and Green Planet. Adaptiva OneSite efficiently delivers any content anywhere anytime with no network impact, while Client Health identifies and resolves troubled devices and Green Planet manages PC power consumption without unplugging users. By automating the way these daily operations are conducted, Adaptiva increases IT efficiency and reduces PC energy consumption, a growing concern particularly for organizations where networks are complex, and spread out over WANs, and energy costs are high.

The suite offers key customer-driven product enhancements that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft SCCM 2012, including:

  • Adaptive Protocol: Content is automatically distributed using harvested network bandwidth, protecting the WAN links and ensuring rapid content replication across global networks
  • Caching File System: Data is cached on client machines using an advanced caching file system which harvests unused storage
  • Enhanced Virtual SAN: Unlimited storage is created in each network location by combining individual client caches. Previous versions of OneSite offered a read-only virtual SAN. Now the Virtual SAN is read/write capable, eliminating the need for a State Migration Point in OSD migrations by utilizing OneSite’s virtual SAN technology. Admins can back up the settings and user data using OneSite’s virtual SAN, format and install the operating system. OSDs are no fuss.
  • Native P2P App-V Streaming: With App-V streaming, the app is streamed via a server. Since OneSite eliminates the need for server infrastructure, we have created a solution: Native P2P App-V Streaming. Native App-V Streaming leverages OneSite’s Peer-to-Peer content delivery without the need for distribution points.
  • Business Process Integration: A workflow engine and designer built in, allowing organizations to customize and integrate it within their business processes
  • Full 64-bit Support: A complete 64-bit support for highest possible performance and scale

For a full list of product suite capabilities and features, please visit: