If you use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), you have a lot of data to deliver. But are you moving as much data as possible as fast as possible without slowing your WAN or overburdening any of your computers?

See if you can solve this 19th century problem:

  • You have to move 1,000 buckets of water from the river to the Saloon, which is on fire.
  • A whole lot of townsfolk show up to help, each bringing a bucket.
  • It’s the 19th century, so you can’t call 911/999. You are the fire chief, and you don’t have a fire truck!

Do you:

  1. Tell everybody to run back and forth, filling the bucket at the river and dumping it on the saloon?
  2. Form a line from the river to the saloon and pass buckets from person to person?
Fire Bucket Brigade

The smart answer is B. This classic teamwork solution, known as the fire bucket brigade, means that more water gets delivered to the saloon faster and people don’t use nearly as much energy doing it.

Adaptiva has taken this tried and true solution, and used it to deliver encrypted content at light speed to multiple computers simultaneously. We call it a memory pipeline architecture.

It’s just one of the ways Adaptiva OneSite turns SCCM into a genius at moving data around the world. Here’s how it works:

  • Data only ever travels once over the WAN to a LAN/operating location due to our virtual network model.
  • As data arrives on a LAN, it travels in RAM from computer to computer. Computer A hands off to computer B, which hands off to computer C, etc. This is the memory pipeline.
  • Each computer only hands off to one other computer, so no computer gets bogged down by delivering data to two or more systems as happens in less intelligent “fan-out” solutions.
  • The data moves across the LAN entirely in RAM, so it is fast, unlike other technologies that need to save data to a hard disk before passing it along.
  • The memory pipeline is unbreakable. If any computer disappears, the pipeline is instantly reformed without dropping any data. It is just like if one town person leaves the fire bucket brigade then the two on either side simply pass the bucket to each other. The water still gets to the saloon just as fast!

What’s the purpose of all this? Well, in the 19th century it was partly to save the town and partly to save the booze. In 2013, it’s all about making your life as an SCCM administrator easier. At Adaptiva, we make things work better so you can leave the office in time for happy hour.