Adaptiva Releases Enhancements to IT Efficiency and PC Power Management Software Suite


Software Updates Further Improve and Accelerate  IT Operations

SEATTLE – January  31, 2012Adaptiva, a leading provider of IT efficiency and PC power management  solutions, today announced the release of customer-driven product enhancements  to the Adaptiva Software Suite. These updates accelerate the financial and IT efficiency  benefits of Adaptiva’s enterprise-class software and include VPN support,  simplified process for merging offices, additional virtualization and multi-  and auto-push content, tool improvements and additional client health checks.

“Adaptiva  develops and maintains strong partnerships with our clients where we collaborate  to generate even greater value for our IT efficiency and PC power management  software suite,” said Dr. Deepak Kumar, president and chief technology officer  at Adaptiva.  “These enhancements are the  result of an open dialogue and further demonstrate Adaptiva’s commitment to  consistently deliver a simple, elegant and mature best-in-class solution.”

Adaptiva OneSite Enhancements

  • VPN Support. System administrators can now create  or mark an office as a VPN in the Network Topology Perspective. Clients falling  within the VPN offices will produce appropriate network behaviors.
  • Simplified Office Merging.  Merging smaller subnet offices into a large office was a  manual process. Now this function can be performed directly from the Network  Topology Perspective with a few  simple clicks resulting in even more efficient network bandwidth usage.
  • Additional Virtualization. Virtualized object explorers provide  a faster user interface (UI) startup. Microsoft ConfigMgr collections, packages  and offices are now virtual. This accelerates the speed required to load these  objects in the Workbench creating a smoother administrative experience—even if  there are thousands of objects.
  • OneSite Downloader Tool Improvements. A completely asynchronous and  multi-threaded version of the  tool is  now available, which allows dozens of ConfigMgr packages to be resolved  concurrently, accelerating the OS image deployment operation. In addition, the  asynchronous discovery count can be controlled by administrator, enabling the ability  to precisely tune the level of multithreading required.
  • Multi- and  Auto-Push Content.  Content push  policy now has the power to perform multiple content pushes. It also performs  auto content pushes when content changes after it is created.
  • Content Push for OSD Task Sequences. Administrators can now drag and drop  an entire Task Sequence into a Content Push policy, leading to the pre-staging  of all the images, packages, software updates and all other content that is  required for the Task Sequence to execute across the WAN. This allows Operating  System Deployment to be performed in remote branch offices, without requiring  any server infrastructure or local IT staff.

Adaptiva Client Health Enhancements
Two new  health checks to Client Health Explorer: BITS  service startup failing and WSUS  service missing. The addition of these health checks further completes the  comprehensive scheduled or instant health checks performed by Adaptiva Client  Health.

For more  information on these enhancements, visit the Adaptiva website at or blog at

About Adaptiva
Founded in  2004, Adaptiva is a leader in innovative IT efficiency and PC power management software  solutions. A Microsoft Partner, Adaptiva extends Microsoft System Center  Configuration Manager providing revolutionary hierarchy simplification, client  health assurance and PC power management. Adaptiva helps users  decrease the environmental impact of desktop computing, increase desktop  manageability and end-user productivity, and significantly reduce the cost of  ownership for IT operations. Adaptiva solutions leverage existing IT resources  to enhance the operation of Configuration Manager without disrupting service to  end-users. Adaptiva is deployed on more than 1 million devices in over 14  countries, and is sold directly and through a network of partners and channel resellers.  Learn more at, email or call 425.823.4500.


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